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Lyssa Andromiko
« on: October 02, 2016, 10:36:00 AM »

Name: Lyssa Andromiko

Age: 21, born on the 16th of Machlud

Species and Gender: Human Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Fourth year student at Beacon

Appearance: Lyssa stands at 6'4, weighing about 211 pounds. Both of her eyes are bright blue. While her hair is naturally black, she typically has it dyed a dark auburn color. Untied, her it reaches down to the middle of her back, though she usually keeps it tied in a bun/ponytail during combat. When in any casual situation, her hair is a bit shaggy and unkempt, though she will make it look neater if going to a formal event or something similar. She has an extremely athletic figure, still with a fair amount of curviness to her frame. Her strength is well above average because of her training, able to lift heavier objects with ease. While she was originally not always fond of being forced to train, she now greatly enjoys her physical form, spending a lot of her free time working out to keep in shape. Her body has a surprising amount of scars on it as well, mostly due to the fact that she often tries to fight beyond her limits. Most of them are small and hidden by her clothing, but there may be a few visible on her arms and legs depending on what she wears. She doesn’t really try to hide them, as she believes that they actually make her seem a little more intimidating. The most notable scar that she has resembles a claw mark, stretching downwards from her left shoulder and over her breast, stopping right above her stomach.

As for clothing, Lyssa's casual attire tends to be a mixture of t-shirts, pants or shorts with combat boots, and occasionally thigh-high leggings. Unsurprisingly, her favorite color is red, so a lot of her wardrobe consists of plenty of it. In combat, she wears a black bulletproof vest that helps protect her body, which has multiple pockets that carry different kinds of ammo as well as a spare knife in case of emergencies. She also has a belt that holds two revolvers, one on each side of her waist. Her main weapon usually can be found on her back, unless she chooses not to bring it to make movement easier.

History: Lyssa was born as the daughter of Kyo Aozora and Nyx Andromiko. The two of them were in a relationship but had not been married, nor were they planning to be. Lyssa’s mother, a huntress, was somewhat surprised when she discovered that she had gotten pregnant. Still, she promised to put her work aside to take care of Lyssa. Kyo’s reaction was much more extreme; instead of staying around to help her with the child, he decided that he wanted no part in it whatsoever. He had been planning to leave her soon anyway, as he had slowly come to realize that the two of them were not compatible whatsoever. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life trapped with Nyx, he left her with only a brief note, apologizing for his departure and claiming that he would start sending her money someday to make sure that their child would at least live a decent life.

Unsurprisingly, she grew somewhat bitter as a result of this. Once Lyssa was born, her mother stopped going on missions as a huntress, focusing all of her time on ensuring that her daughter would be successful. She picked up a much less dangerous but low-paying job, using what little money she had to help Lyssa get through her childhood. As Kyo had promised before, he eventually started sending money to them years later, though the amount was not substantial enough to make much of a difference. He had already gone on to start a family with a woman that he truly loved, so most of the money he made was secretly divided between them and Lyssa's mother.

During her childhood, Lyssa had picked up many aspects of her mother’s negative outlook on the world. The woman had a distrust for many types of faunus, something that had grown in her as a result of Kyo’s abandonment. Of course, she did not tell her daughter that her father was a faunus, as she didn’t want the girl to know that she was technically a half-blood of sorts. Still, her subtle racism rubbed off on Lyssa, making the girl into a hypocrite even if she wasn’t aware of it.

Lyssa’s mother became aware of the many things that had in common with her daughter as time went on. Before she would even be able to decide what she wanted to do with her life, her path had already been chosen by her mother. The girl was to become a huntress like she had. However, Lyssa's mother wanted her daughter to be much stronger than herself, both for Lyssa’s own good and to prove to the girl’s father that the two of them were much better off without him. She began training at a very young age, all while being told by her mother that she would continue to live a life of poverty unless she followed this path. Eager to be strong and intimidating like Nyx once was, she tried her very hardest, soon enlisting in a combat school to unlock her truest potential.

Further motivation grew in Lyssa at the age of thirteen when she got into her first real fight. While living in the poorer parts of the city, she met a group of punk kids that tried to mug her, though it wasn’t too hard for her to fend them off. As a result of this, she became somewhat cocky, proud of her ability to take down those that she wanted to. The second time she ran into them, however, she wasn’t as lucky. They had brought a certain metal-armed rabbit faunus with them this time, who was easily able to beat Lyssa down with the help of the others. This proved to her that her training wasn’t as effective as she had originally thought. Wanting to avoid the same type of situation happening in the future, she began to take her training much more seriously.

Lyssa’s time in her first combat school went very smoothly, thanks to the time beforehand that she had spent training. Besides the pressure from her mother, she now had her own motivations to become the best fighter that she could to help both herself and those that could not help themselves. Her years of hard work paid off, as she soon had created her own weapon and eventually graduated from the school. Unsurprisingly, she was soon accepted to Beacon Academy, where she would spend the next few years of her life. During this time, Lyssa worked to track down the father that had left her so long ago. She was shocked at two things that she learned after finding him. The first major surprise was that, much to her dismay, he was a faunus. The second was that he had gone and had another daughter with someone other than Lyssa’s mother. Apparently, she had a half-sister named Isabelle. Not only that, but this girl also attended Beacon, a first year even. Despite her dislike for her father, Lyssa was immediately made curious as to what this second daughter of his is was like. At first, Isabelle and her did not get along very well after they first met, but since then they have gotten over their differences for the most part and still talk every now and then.

Personality: One’s first impression of Lyssa would likely be that she is both very rude and condescending. She believes that many people simply don’t deserve kindness, and until she knows that someone isn’t stupid, she won’t give them much respect. She uses sarcasm a lot and doesn't really worry about the issues that other people have if she thinks they can handle it on their own. Her temper is pretty bad as well, it doesn’t take much to get on her nerves. If she gets to know someone well enough, she can become a lot nicer and more easy going around them, but it doesn’t happen too often due to the fact that she is kind of a dick for no good reason. She has made some effort recently to stop acting like a total bitch, and has made a little bit of progress. Still, she will more often than not be less than pleasant to be around.

Of course, most of the time Lyssa is only doing these things to seem tough to people that she meets. For most of her life, she has strived to be better than everyone else, and as such, she often tries to make people think that she is better than them by acting as tough as she can. She has kept this mindset for so long that, at this point, she truly believes that she is better than most students at Beacon. Her moments of realization usually come when someone manages to beat her badly in a fight. If this happens, she tends to be actually upset with herself for a while, often resulting in her putting more and more time into her training until she feels that she has improved.

As a result of the way she was raised, Lyssa is somewhat less trusting of faunus. If one tries to talk to her, she'll act a little less interested than usual, even sometimes letting out comments that are less than appropriate. If she were to have one as a teammate, she wouldn't work too well with them. It is possible for her to make acquaintances that are faunus, but becoming very good friends with one is a lot less likely. In recent years, she has tried to let this prejudice go so that she can at least try to get along with faunus as best as possible, but being so used to it she often doesn’t even realize that she is being offensive.

Aura and Semblance: Lyssa's semblance allows her to create a small, stationary wall of energy that can block most objects from passing through. The shield is somewhat taller and wider than the average human being. While it can’t be moved, it is good for creating temporary cover. When first formed, the shield is white and opaque, but as it takes damage, it slowly turns red and more translucent before eventually shattering. It is extremely effective against ranged opponents easily deflecting the majority of projectiles, or at least stopping them from reaching her. However, a strong melee strike or two will easily break it, giving close-ranged fighters a good advantage against her. Lyssa can create these shields almost instantly at first, but there is a cooldown after it is used. In a battle, she can typically create three shields before having to wait ten seconds after the last was formed before making any more. While this is great for stopping projectiles, someone that fights up close would easily be able to get around the barriers. This can also be used to stop her teammates from getting hit by unexpected attacks, as long as she sees it coming first. Without getting hit, these barriers would last for about a minute before dissipating.

Combat Behavior: One of Lyssa's best attributes is her physical strength. She excels at fighting slower enemies, often using her shotgun if they're not moving too much in order to do the most damage possible. She has a fairly strong aura, which makes up for her lack of defense somewhat. Not only that, but she can tolerate pain extremely well, making it hard to knock her out of a fight. If the enemy is further away, she'll switch to one of her more accurate guns and use her semblance to draw them in close. She doesn't fear much, something that allows her to take bigger risks in combat. If she is determined enough to win a fight, she will refuse to give up until she is either forcibly pulled away from her opponent, or simply beaten to the ground.

Unfortunately for her, Lyssa uses more brawn than brains when in a fight. While she isn’t stupid, she doesn't do much extensive planning, relying more on taking her opponents down as quickly as possible with strong hits. Losing her cool in battle happens frequently. She has nothing to block melee attacks with except her weapons and semblance, so very fast fighters that can get past those defenses are one of her bigger weaknesses. Her anger management issues and rudeness sometimes keep her from working well with a team, so it isn’t uncommon for her to ignore directions if she disagrees with them. If she manages to work with someone that can strategize well without annoying her, she can be much more effective in combat.


Name: Desire

Primary Form: In its normal state, Lyssa's first weapon of choice is a pump-action shotgun, most of it being black with the exception of the stock and fore-end, both of which are painted red. She carries ammunition for the gun in the pockets on her vest.

Secondary Form: With the press of a button, the stock of the weapon folds down and a short blade is uncovered on the butt, closely resembling a fire axe when the transformation is complete. The safety is typically turned on while the weapon is in this form, to ensure that Lyssa doesn’t accidentally shoot herself in the foot while using it. She uses this form a lot for breaking or destroying things that need to be broken, but it can also be used as a melee weapon if necessary. It is not as long as her other weapon, so it is not preferred, though she will occasionally use both at once.

Dust Functions: The weapon does not have any built-in dust functions, but it can be loaded with dust-infused rounds, which she does frequently.

History: Lyssa created the weapon when she was in her first combat school before coming to Beacon. Originally, the secondary form was not built into it, but she added it after a few years to improve her melee skills. This was long before she made her second weapon, which would prove to be somewhat more effective in terms of close-combat abilities.


Name: Carnelian

Primary Form: This weapon’s first form is a black and red hunting rifle. A scope can be attached to the top, but if Lyssa knows that she will be fighting mostly at close-range, she will choose not to add this part on.

Secondary Form: When the second form of this weapon is activated, the butt of the weapon opens up and a long, sharp blade extends out of it. When in this state, the weapon functions similarly to a glaive, giving Lyssa a lot more melee range than her axe. If necessary, she can throw it in this form like a spear as well, even sometimes using the recoil of the gun for extra power.

Dust Functions: When powered with dust, the blade can have different effects, such as freezing or igniting what it comes in contact with depending on the type of dust. The rifle can also be loaded with dust infused rounds, much like her shotgun can.

History: Lyssa created this weapon during her first year at Beacon. Before having this, long-range fighters were something that she struggled with somewhat. In order to fix this problem, she decided to give herself something with plenty of range itself. Not only was the rifle effective at countering fighters that kept their distance, but the added glaive functionality improved her up-close fighting skill as well.


Name: N/A

Primary Form: Lyssa’s backup is a pair of somewhat normal looking revolvers. These usually rest in their holsters, one located on each side of her belt. Despite their small size and less-than-impressive accuracy, they are very powerful up close. Each carries a total of six bullets in it, though they are usually not reloaded in the middle of combat, giving her a maximum of twelve shots.

Dust Functions: Much like her other weapons, these can be loaded with dust-infused rounds if she so chooses to, but have no other built-in functions besides that.

History: One thing that Lyssa loves to tell people is that you can never have too many guns. She is quite obviously a firm believer of this statement, as she felt that having two guns was simply not enough. After creating her second weapon, she went out and bought two revolvers to have just incase she needed them. While they have certainly come in handy on many occasions, she does not care for them nearly as much as her other weapons, so she chose not to name them.

Changed some minor details in Appearance and Personality. Added some recent events to the end of her History that are relevant.

Her semblance has been buffed from being able to form one shield every ten seconds. She can now make up to three every ten seconds. This is to better reflect the expected power level of a fourth year student at Beacon.
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