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Vivian Xanthia
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:32:44 AM »

Name: Vivian Xanthia

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Female Rabbit Faunus

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Third year student at Beacon

Appearance: Standing at 5'2, Vivian is a bit short, minus the rabbit ears that stand on the top of her head. The fur on said ears is dark blonde, matching the color of her hair, which is typically tied in a ponytail. The ears themselves are almost a foot in length, making her much taller if one were to add them as part of her total height. She has a curvy build, with her bust being a slightly above average size. Because of the extra weight of her prosthetic arms, she has to stay decently fit as well, especially when it comes to her legs. Her skin is fairly tan compared to most of the lighter skinned citizens of Vale, while her eyes are a bright and vivid green. One of Vivian's other features that makes her stand out is her lack of natural arms. Rather, they have been replaced with a pair of robotic prosthetics. The points where they are connected are attached to her shoulders, where the start of someone's arm would usually be. The mechanical arms can be attached and detached from these points at will, though it typically requires the assistance of another person to put them back on.

As for their appearance, they are surprisingly human-like in shape, but are painted a metallic gray color. She can move her hands and fingers as quickly as any person with real arms could, but she often still seems clumsy with them due to the fact that they have no sensation of touch. They allow her to lift heavier objects as well, but only if her body is also able to support them. Despite the fact that her arms don't look extremely fashionable, Vivian makes no attempt to hide them. On an average day, she would most likely be seen wearing a light t-shirt (sometimes with a jacket), while her lower half would either be shorts or a skirt. She very much enjoys wearing neon colored shirts, skirts and sneakers, mainly because she thinks itís cool to stand out like that.

History: At the start of her life, Vivian was an orphan. Her biological father had passed away months before she was born, and her mother did not survive childbirth. Her situation was further complicated by the fact that she had a major birth defect. Namely, a complete lack of arms. Without any close family willing to take her in, she was put up for adoption. The man that eventually adopted her was born with a similar condition. He only had one real arm, but was able to get himself a fully functional metal replacement for his missing limb. He saw this as an opportunity to do the same for Vivian, hoping to give her a somewhat normal life instead of having her being held back by her disability forever.

Up until she was six years old, Vivian lived without her arms, doing most ordinary tasks with her feet or mouth. Once her father decided that she was old enough, he began to work on a lightweight prototype arm that would allow her to do simple things like picking up and moving small objects. Once it was finished, it took a long time for her to adapt to actually using it effectively, but within a year she had gotten the hang of it. At the age of eight, Vivian was given a set of drastically improved versions of the last one. These prototypes were quicker, more precise and allowed her to lift heavier objects, but still not perfect. She was able to adapt to these quicker. By the time she was eleven, her upgraded prosthetics were nearly as good as actual arms, with the exception of their physical appearance, which was still a little ugly.

Outside of her life at home, Vivian was getting into a bit of trouble. Her group of friends at the time consisted of a bunch of delinquents, all a few years older than her. They figured that with her metal arms, she could be pretty useful if trained to fight. She started learning basic boxing techniques, which she used to help them beat up people that they didnít like. It wasnít something that she always enjoyed doing, but it made her ďfriendsĒ like having her around more, instead of looking at her like some kind of armless weirdo. Being young and naive, she felt the need to be accepted by someone, so it continued. Over the course of a few months, the crimes that they committed escalated. Breaking into empty homes and mugging people were some of the most common. She didnít realize exactly how bad they had gotten until the day that she heard bad news. Half of her group had been arrested after beating someone into a coma. Luckily, she wasnít involved, but she feared that someone would tell the police otherwise. It was at that time that she decided to cut off contact with all of them.

Vivianís life returned to normal, for the most part. She had decided that the best way to make up for hurting others, in her mind at least, was to turn herself around and start helping others instead. The best way to go about this, of course, was to become a huntress. Her father had already used a large amount of his savings to help give her the prosthetics, but when she discussed her goals with him for the future, he decided to help her as much as he could manage. It took time, but once the necessary upgrades to her limbs were completed, she joined her first combat school, even though she was almost a year late in terms of age. Knowing that her arms and semblance alone wouldnít be enough to get into a real academy, she got a pistol as a sidearm, figuring that it could help her handle ranged targets. While most of her time studying was spent on ways to improve her boxing skills, she also researched prosthetic limbs on the side, making occasional upgrades to her limbs to make up for her growing body. By the time she graduated, Vivian was a skilled fighter and a great shot, but she still felt that she could use a little more. Her next addition to her arsenal would be an automatic weapon, something that she believed would do a good job of killing monsters. Soon after, Vivian passed her entry exam and was accepted into Beacon academy, where she is currently on her third year.

Personality: Vivian is a cheerful person, almost always in a great mood. It doesn't take much at all to make her happy, and it would be hard to actually upset her. More often than not, she has a smile on her face, and tries her best to make everyone around her have one too. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people find her annoying, something that she tends to ignore. She is also willing to become friends with almost anybody, regardless of how stupid they may be. While she was previously very self-conscious about not having real arms, she has learned to embrace it. She views it as an advantage in some aspects, considering that her replacements are stronger and can't feel pain unlike real arms. They are also fun for her to play with; she really enjoys using one arm to hold the other for extended reach, or making them fall off at random times to scare people. Occasionally, she wonders what it would be like to have the ability to feel with her hands like everyone else, but she tries not to let it bother her. Despite her positive attitude, Vivian isnít always a completely moral person. While she no longer tries to hurt anyone unless she believes they deserve it (sparring matches donít count), she isnít afraid to steal, lie, or threaten someone if she feels the need to. Her manners are not the best either, and she often ends up accidentally being rude without even realizing it.

Aura and Semblance: Vivian's semblance allows her to form bubbles of aura that can bounce back attacks. They can be created in the air, where they are anchored in place, or be formed at the ends of her hands which lets her move them around. These makeshift cushions are soft but extremely durable, able to absorb large impacts while having little effect on Vivian herself. She often uses them to deflect sword strikes, bounce bullets away, and occasionally hitting them against opponents to push them away. However, there is a limit to the amount of power they can take. If she were to form one at the end of her arm and use it to block numerous attacks, like a series of hard hits from a large weapon, the bubbles would burst and the absorbed energy would knock Vivian back with a large amount of force. She can create four at once, and each is about two feet in diameter. Vivian cannot create them beyond ten feet past herself. As for what they look like, the shape resembles a bright yellow sphere, being somewhat translucent with a light glow to them. She can only force them to dissipate five seconds after they are created, meaning that if she is forced to block consecutive, powerful strikes before they disappear, it will most likely explode in her face. If they donít get damaged by any attacks, they can stay around for a long while. Vivian abuses this by using them as pillows or miniature trampolines to jump on for fun (which sometimes can make them explode beneath her, but she does it anyway).

Combat Behavior: At the beginning of a fight, if given enough range, Vivian will typically use her automatic weapon first to try and do as much damage as possible right at the start. With this gun, she tends to spray instead of actually aiming, though the high rate of fire almost guarantees that some of her shots will connect. If forced to fight up close, she will mostly use her fists, relying heavily on her defensive capabilities. She can block an opponentís attacks well with her semblance, easily able to deflect something like a metal blade. Typically, she will block and dodge until she is able to spot an opening for a strong punch to take her enemyís guard down, followed by a quick series of punches and kicks if she can manage. If her opponent flees or tries to stay out of her range, she will use her pistol, which is much easier to aim with than her other gun.

One of the ways Vivian tends to lose a match is by using up everything she has without actually managing to defeat her opponent. She doesnít carry a ton of ammo, so if she runs out, she has to rely solely on physical attacks. If she abuses her semblance and becomes too tired to use it anymore, she is left with only her basic aura for safety, which will not do a very good job of protecting her from gunfire or attacks from multiple directions. Both of these weaknesses together will leave her extremely vulnerable, which would likely be followed by a quick loss if she is alone. Even with two guns, a good ranged fighter can beat her easily, as long as they are able to stay in until she runs out of ammo.


Name: ďMy armsĒ

Primary Form: The main things that Vivian uses for fighting. No, they donít actually have a title, theyíre just her arms. Despite the lack of creativity in the name department, these shiny prosthetic limbs have been designed to be very effective in close quarters combat. Being made of a similar material to that used in most weapons, her fists hit very hard, often knocking over opponents of average size if she is able to land a direct hit. They are capable of lifting tremendous amounts of weight, though Vivianís ability to carry heavy things also depends on the strength of the rest of her body as well. They have a number of other small features, such as being able to continuously repeat a specific movement exactly as it had been done the first time, letting her easily reproduce a good throw or a punch.

Dust Functions: When a small vial of dust is inserted into a compartment on each of the arms, her punches receive effects based on the type used. If she were to use ice, she could freeze something when hitting it, making it easier for her to shatter certain objects (trees, Grimm, etc). The rest are pretty self-explanatory; fire would give her flaming fists, electric would zap her opponents when punched, kinetic would increase the knockback, and so on. When one of these effects is activated, small lines on the arms glow a color respective to the type of dust, almost looking like artificial veins.


Name: Decadence

Primary Form: Vivianís favorite weapon besides her fists is a submachine gun. With it, she carries three thirty-round magazines, attached to her belt next to the gunís holster. It may sound like plenty of shots, but the gun can fire around a thousand and one hundred rounds per minute, so it is depleted quickly. She is a fan of the gun because it works great for crowd control, and it usually manages to scare the crap out of someone if she is aiming it at them up close. She also feels pretty cool while holding it, which is a nice bonus.

Dust Functions: More often than not, the magazines she carries have dust-infused rounds in them. Being someone that forgets things a lot, she usually writes on the side of them with marker to remind her which one carries which. For maximum destruction, she will use exploding rounds on full auto, which could easily destroy a few trees if aimed well. Ice is another one of her favorites, as the high rate of fire allows for her to create large amounts of ice in a very short period of time.

History: Vivian bought this weapon before she got into Beacon, deciding that it would do a good job of helping her pass the required combat test. Surely enough, it worked well, and she has kept it with her since. Even outside of combat, she has often carried it with her to make herself feel badass.


Name: Black Dog

Primary Form: This weapon is an ordinary looking pistol, without any transformation capabilities whatsoever. Attached on the right side is a small laser sight, used to assist her accuracy when she has to fire without much time to aim. Unlike her other gun, Vivian will carry two fifteen-round magazines at once, one in the gun and one one in a small pouch attached to the holster. The effective firing range is somewhere around sixty meters, but unless she has time to stand still and aim, it is unlikely for her to actually hit a target that far away.

Dust Functions: The pistol doesnít have any built in dust mechanisms, but it can use dust-infused rounds if she chooses to use them. She prefers to use freezing or electric rounds when possible, as they help to slow down her target to make them open for more attacks.

History: Given to Vivian by her father. While he was never much of a fighter, he kept a few weapons for self defense, so he allowed Vivian to take one of his. Of course, she customized it a little, but for the most part it is an ordinary pistol.

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Transfer profile. Minor text changes to a few sections. The only real change is that her prosthetic arms are now listed under her weapons as dust functions have been added.
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