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Zwei Carter
« on: September 24, 2016, 08:07:44 PM »

Name: Zwei Carter

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: None

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student.

Zwei is 5’9” and has a decently muscular build, as expected of the average Beacon student, although he hasn’t really taken it much beyond that. His skin seems to be mostly pale due to covering most of his skin and staying indoors most of the time though he does have darker skin around his forearms and below his knees. His eyes, despite the dark circles around them are rather sharp, his bright blue eyes giving him a harsh looking glare that makes him look a tad upset regardless of his mood. His dark brown hair is often quite messy despite his best efforts and often hide his ears. His hair is of a decent length, reaching a little above his shoulders. His posture seems to be rather relaxed in most situations, his back slouched as he looks around lazily. Despite his unpleasant gaze, he often gives those he speaks to a warm, welcoming expression paired with a small smile. A notable feature which Zwei often tries his best to hide is the heavy scarring that covers most of his face, most of which seem to originate from slashing, though by luck it seems his eyes have been left alone.

On a regular day going about town, Zwei will often wear a simple outfit that takes minimal effort to put on, although he does own nicer clothes he simply likes to save them for some sort of occasion, for example you might catch him in light blue skinny jeans paired with a white tee. One notable feature about Zwei’s choice of what to wear is the metal, plain-looking mask that covers his entire face, it is secured to his face tight enough to prevent it from shifting while running with multiple leather straps. The mask's’ eyeholes are cut in such a way to imitate his sharp eyes, with small grooves in which lenses can be pushed into in the place of sunglasses. The inside of the mask is a thin layer of soft, black fabric that catches sweat and prevents his skin from being exposed due to the small holes around the mouth and nose that allow proper ventilation and prevent overheating.

In combat Zwei has taken a liking to keeping light and will usually wear a flexible pair of jeans secured with a brown leather belt that does not restrict his motion and has deep pockets for carrying assorted objects that can be closed with a zipper. On his upper body will usually be will usually be a normal t-shirt with a stab-proof vest underneath, as he finds anything heavier to hinder his movement and feel uncomfortable. These will usually be paired with a tightly secured pair of combat boots.

Zwei was born the son of a self-employed blacksmith/metalworker. While he was quite mediocre at his job due to being partially self-taught, he was able to provide enough for Zwei and him and live comfortably, for the most part. Zwei and his father had a personal connection in their love of construction, with Zwei picking up on his father’s techniques as he slowly grew older. However, due to the fact that his father had been in the trade for so long, he had been slowly getting quite overconfident in himself as the years went by, forgetting that not only his son was watching him work nearly every day, but also forgetting that he, nor Zwei were immune to misfortune.
It had been a simple order, two benches for the public park, nothing special at all but the minor setbacks on the project had lead to great frustration in Zwei’s father, causing him to rush as he began to grind the metal rods into shape. To this day Zwei’s memory of the following event is still somewhat foggy despite him being 13 years old at the time. The official report states that the safety guard on the grinder was not adjusted properly, and as the grinding disk snapped, the shards flew around, and while they did not impact Zwei’s face directly, it did cause a nearby glass jar to shatter and fling jagged shards of glass directly into the young boy’s face at high speeds, causing multiple deep cuts along his face.

The next month of Zwei’s life was spent in the hospital, receiving multiple sets of stitches and attempts to restore what they could to his face, what you see today was the best they could do. The accident was blamed on Zwei’s father as he was deemed too irresponsible to maintain custody of Zwei and at the age of 13, Zwei was put up for adoption. The last thing Zwei ever made in his Father’s workshop before being taken away was one of the first iterations of the mask he wears today, out of extreme worry about being teased by the other children. His habit of hiding his face began here, despite his other habit of hiding himself in his room during his stay at temporary housing while waiting to be adopted. After a year of waiting Zwei had finally been chosen despite his scarring.

His initial fear and timidness was quickly melted away by the kindness of his new family and although he did hold a slight grudge against his father for causing the scarring, he did miss him. It was his adoptive sister that actually took care of Zwei the most, both of his adoptive parents working full time jobs did leave him quite a lot of spare time, which he mostly used to ask for tutoring from his sister, who had recently graduated from Beacon and was taking a year before seriously starting her work as a huntress. While this tutoring was initially simple things such as math, communication, history and other assorted things, the years of missed schooling was quite obvious and while he did try his best to catch up, even now he still has a ways to go.  By the time Zwei had reached age 17 and his sister was now around a lot less often,his tutoring slowly switched from common knowledge to Zwei suggesting that he might be taught what his sister learned from Signal and Beacon in an attempt to emulate his current role model.

While Zwei had never expressed his intentions to try and get into Beacon with his sister, he had managed to convince her to train him like he was going to do the entrance exam anyway, physical training and mental were done quite regularly. His exercise for that day being given to him over the phone in the mornings. It had taken until Zwei had reached the age of 19 before he could even consider attempting the test, despite his sister picking up on what he was going to do, she still acted surprised when he revealed that he had just met the minimum requirements to be accepted.

Despite him being quite older than most first years, Zwei’s youthful enthusiasm still surprises those he encounters.

Even with his quirks, Zwei always seems to have a self-assured demeanor. With quite the interest in tinkering with devices and a slight streak for procrastination and staying indoors, Zwei’s social ability isn’t quite up to par with the rest of the student body, although that likely isn’t immediately apparent most of the time, so he often comes off as being somewhat silly around those he considers his friend. To most, however Zwei seems to be surprisingly casual, often engaging people he finds interesting suddenly without any embarrassment whenever he feels like having a conversation. Although most people would see him as being of slightly below average intelligence due to his risk-taking habits and lack of common knowledge, Zwei is rather good at thinking quickly and executing his plans. Although they are usually hidden from view, the scarring along his face is a bit of a sensitive point for him as he takes insults towards his appearance rather poorly. Zwei can be convinced, however to show his face to those he holds both a deep respect and trust for, even then it might be difficult to get the mask off of him. Although he is far from being any sort of weaponry nut, a test drive with some heavy firepower is a very easy way to get him excited.

In competitions, while Zwei may initially try to win fairly, if he starts to lose harshly, he often sees no problem with himself cheating as long as he isn’t caught. Although Zwei tends to handle pressure somewhat well, too many people asking too much of him at once often leads to him simply shutting down and not doing anything at all.

Zwei is rather easy to manipulate for anyone willing to put in the work to befriend him, as he would rarely question something a friend asks him unless it were to directly go against his own morals and even then, some careful wording might still persuade him unless truly absurd reasons and claims were being made.

Aura and Semblance:
Zwei’s semblance is the ability to use his aura to pull either specific objects towards him very strongly or everything around him towards his person with a slightly weakened pull. While Zwei does not need to give any sort of grand gesture or stick his arm out towards the object he wants to pull, he does need to focus for a moment before doing so, requiring him to slow his movement for about 2 seconds without being attacked before he can pull the object, although an opponent unaware of his semblance would not have an other indication of what he is about to do, this does provide ample time to attempt an attack.. The range of Zwei’s pull is a 3.5 meters around him in all directions (But having line-of-sight makes this far easier to pull off, as he would have to guess an object's location otherwise) and can pull with enough force to yank the average person off their feet but it certainly is not strong enough to make them ‘fly’ towards him. Zwei is able to control how much force he puts into a pull, although the focusing time required is still the same if he for some reason has to pull a fragile object lightly. Overuse of this semblance will lead to intense feelings of dizziness, usually after five uses within an hour. It should be noted that barriers such as a wall prevent Zwei from being able to use his semblance on something beyond it.

Combat Behavior:
Zwei often finds himself relying on misdirection and cheap tricks to win his fights, from throwing dirt in their eye to feigning a swipe of his weapon to instead bash them in the nose with his free hand. While both his strength and speed are sufficient, he does not seem to excel in either. With using a blunt weapon, Zwei’s main priorities are usually disabling his opponents and rendering them unable to fight back and will often aim for things such as the collarbone and is not afraid to gouge the eye from a beowulf if the need arises. Seeing as Zwei prefers to remain light in his choice of armor, he often prefers to either dodge and counterattack or in some circumstances, just take the hit to allow an opening for a finishing blow on an opponent.

Working in a group, Zwei works reasonably well, often preferring to be directed by a leader rather than left to his own devices if possible, although he may attempt to assume the leadership role if the current leader doesn’t seem to be able to lead. His effectiveness at leading isn’t the greatest due to little practice in doing so and it may be a good idea to get someone else to take charge from him.


Name: Difficulty Tweak

Primary Form:
 “Difficulty Tweak” is actually a set of black-rubber handled collapsible  police batons that measure 32.5 inches when they are fully extended with the shaft itself being of a silver color. The two batons are often kept collapsed and held in separate containers on the each side of his zip with a button-snap lid to be quickly grabbed and extended. The batons are extended simply by holding a small button and flicking them to the side, a mechanism on the inside will then lock in place and hold the baton in its extended position until the button is pressed and the shaft is pushed back inside the handle. The batons can be loaded with dust to electrify them, allowing them to stun opponents with a painful shock on contact, the dust is loaded into a small compartment on the bottom and is activated by hitting pressing a hidden button on the bottom of the handle in.

These batons were actually storebought by Zwei once he entered Beacon, he hasn’t been allowed much time to get used to them and yet he has already made modifications for them to be electrified.

Name: [None]

Primary Form:
 Zwei will often carry between two to four grenades with him when he goes out into the field which are often kept strapped onto some part of his body by a leather belt that can be loosened or tightened to fit wherever he would like it to be that day. The grenades themselves are rather normal and function as one would expect.

Zwei buys his grenades, even he realizes how terrible of an idea it would be for him to build his own.

Name: Heartwork

Primary Form:
 Heartwork is a bolt-action anti-tank rifle which weighs 35 lbs unloaded and measures at 1.5 meters long. It should be noted that due to the weapon’s weight and cost of ammo, Zwei very rarely uses this weapon and won’t bring it with him into the field unless he sees a reason to bring it, such as a horde of large-grimm in an area. The look of the rifle itself is quite odd as it appears to be a mash of parts from various other similarly designed rifles, the barrel has a scratched-up silver color to it while there is a wooden handle and the stock is some sort of synthetic material that Zwei has painted black, it certainly isn’t pretty but it’s firepower is undeniable. The weapon can hold five rounds before needed to be reloaded and is compatible with dust ammunition. 

 Zwei purchased the parts of Heartwork separately and assembled them together, causing it’s mismatched appearance. He had actually started construction the weapon long before even applying for Beacon.
Zwei Carter "You wanted me back, so I'm back!"
Zwei had his name a year before the dog existed in the show by the way.


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Re: Zwei Carter
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 09:42:10 PM »
I like a man with deep pockets. It would seem that Zwei is the man for me. Anyways, now that I've confessed my love, I don't see anything in need of change. +1 Approval.
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Re: Zwei Carter
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Can't see anything wrong. If I hear complaints, I'll bring it back and tear it apart.

2/2. Approved!
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