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Elidyr Vulcan
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:12:34 AM »

Name: Elidyr Vulcan

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Male Human

tinker: ShowHide

Occupation: Beacon Student and Weaponsmith

Appearance: Eli has dark brown hair and cool gray eyes. Standing at about 6í5Ē, he usually seems shorter than he is with his relaxed slouch. His muscles aren't terribly bulky though well-toned from hours working on the tools and heavy metals usually used in his tinkering. His fingertips are calloused and hard as well, most of them missing half the fingerprints due to his work with the smaller and finer processes of his little projects. Attire wise, he enjoys somewhat fancy clothing, as is common in his hometown and compared to the rest of Remnant. In Vale, he smiles at the chance to wear some white clothing as it was rather uncommon back home. Though he still enjoys the usual dark vest and pants with his collar turned up and a tie or cravat around his neck.
A notable feature of his attire are his rail, goggles, and earmuffs. The rail on his left forearm extends to the rig on his back , worn like a backpack. Due to his semblance, Eli wears dark smoked goggles, bronze with leather straps and jutting about an inch from his face. They are much darker than normal sunglasses, practically useless to anyone other than him. This prevents him from getting blinded by even dim lights such as candles and matches if he uses his semblance to enhance his vision. His earmuffs also function as headphones and a communicator but their primary function is to block out excess noise when using his semblance.

Face Claim: ShowHide

History: Born to Leo and Calypso Vulcan, Eli was shown to be a prodigy with simple machines at an early age, starting with the cliche'd breaking out of his crib, in this case by fiddling with the lock until its screws came loose. As he grew older, his talents shifted from taking things apart to putting them together, studying under his father and mother, reading books, watching videos, and even watching other weapon shops in their city, sometimes stealing a few parts for his projects. Eli grew up on the streets of Sfumata, an aptly named city with four story walls and even taller buildings, both blackened by the smoke coming from the countless chimneys and open fires to stay warm in the colder climate of the northwest. The Vulcan family lived in the coin district, the area center of middle class economy in Sfumata. Sadly, their part of town was under the wing of a local gang, the Sootskin, people who wore black clothing and rubbed soot under their eyes as their symbol.

Already having a rough year, the Vulcan family's financial problems only grew worse when the Sootskins decided that two weeks of no protection money was enough, kidnapping the young Eli. They had him kept in a cellar, the room mostly devoid of sound and light, made even worse my the blindfold constantly wrapped around his eyes and earmuffs to not hear the metal works from the shop above that would clue him to where he was being kept. After a few days of simply lying on cold stone and being fed once a day, Eli nearly went mad at the lack of sensory input, his bound hands itching to tinker and his eyes slowly growing accustomed to his situation until he realized he was looking through the blindfold, seeing past the fibers through the tiny gaps. His hearing had grown stronger too, going even past the muffs to hear the loud sounds from above. Gasping at his new found semblance, Eli took a few more days learning about it until after two weeks of his ordeal he decided to escape. Eli crouched, feeling the floor and wall for the Sootskin's approach and as soon as the door opened, he ran out under the man's arm. As he got to the garage of the mechanic's shop though, he was disoriented and fell to the grown, blinded by fluorescent lights and deafened by a banging hammer. He was then quickly subdued, especially since his hands were still bound. One enhanced senses beating and three days later, his parents managed to pay to get him out.

Since then, Eli vowed to hone his semblance and fighting abilities to protect his family and possibly take his revenge, thus he enrolled at Odin academy, his skill in weapon making mechanisms giving him a scholarship. During his time at the academy, Eli met someone who would coincidentally be his future teammate, Liana Hviteulven. He became quick friends and pen pals with her, keeping in touch til the end of his schooling at Odin. From there, he enrolled in Beacon, seeing as that was the best and closest school. Quite to his amusement, he got put in team APEL, having Liana as a teammate only made him happier through the years until his current fourth year at Beacon.

Personality: Eli is an easy-going and good-natured person. He also has a sense of humor and enjoys messing with people, keeping things lighthearted. He deeply enjoys machines, sometimes preferring the company of a humming ship engine rather than people when heís feeling antisocial. He also enjoys tinkering and building gadgets. He has a high degree of expertise in studying the design and manufacturing weapons by simply spending a few minutes taking them apart and putting them back together, sometimes failing the latter part. His proficiency is enough that he is able to modify his shield on the fly, if given the parts. A rather negative side though are his quick fingers. That, plus his upbringing in a less than wealthy area of the city, Eli developed a habit of "trading" things when in a pinch (e.g. taking a muffin off a table but leaving a handkerchief in return or taking someone's hat but leaving a book in its place). Another note is that Eli does not particularly like kidnappers due to his prior experience. That and gangs that take protection money. And criminals in general.

Aura and Semblance: Presence.

Eliís semblance allows him to either enhance or dampen his senses, up to all five at once. The level of how enhanced his senses are varies with how much Aura he uses to fuel his semblance. The more keen his senses, the faster he runs out of the threshold amount of aura needed to fuel his semblance. Generally though, he has more than enough to keep a moderate burn for most of the the day without endangering himself.

Sight: Eliís sense of sight gets more powerful. He is able to see farther and clearer as well as in darker conditions. It also allows him to catch faster movements that a normal eye would have trouble noticing or even not notice it at all. Torches and flashlights burn like spotlights and stars glow as if it were late afternoon. Inversely, if he dampens his senses, his eyesight grows fuzzy and dim to the point of blindness.

Hearing: Eliís hearing grows to the point of being able to hear heartbeats of his opponents or someone shuffling in their sleep in the opposite room. However, this also means that loud noises are significantly louder. When caught off guard, it can shock him though if given time to adjust and zone it out, he can hear a pin drop in a concert. Inversely, his hearing grows quieter and quieter to the point of deafness.

Smell: Eliís sense of smell grows enough to smell faint odors, such as smoke from a fire that had burned days ago or a corpse a few blocks away. Inversely, his sense of smell grows weaker and weaker until he cannot smell anymore.

Taste: Eliís sense of taste grows precise enough to detect even trace elements in his drink or pinpointing the exact ingredients used in his food. Inversely, he can also dampen it to the point of not tasting anything at all.

Touch: Eliís sense of touch grows sensitive enough to feel the fibers of his gloves as well as the grain of the wood heís touching underneath them or even the faint impressions of ink on a page. His feet can feel stones and pebbles on the road through his boots. However, this means that heat feels fiercer on his skin and external pain feels much more painful though internally, he feels the same as a normal person. Inversely, he can dampen his sense of touch to relieve the sensation of pain though he feels numb all over his body, making it difficult to hold things or now if heís touching something.

Combat Behavior: Eli is a very smart fighter, able to see patterns and logic in almost anything. His skill with engineering and weaponsmithing makes him an impeccable mechanic, able to adapt his weapon or understand the mechanism of other weapons given enough time (a few minutes of fighting) or materials (for modifying his weapon in a fight). In terms of movement, Eli is quick and augments his strength with his weaponís features if his muscles are not enough, though his movements aren't nearly as fast as a sword fighters since he can't swing his weapon too fast.

-High degree of technological and mechanical expertise.
-Quick thinking and good at improvisation.
-Calculating and highly logical mind.
-Adaptable weapon if give time to prepare it.
-Defensive fighter.

As for his weaknesses, Eli's main problem is that his semblance is easily exploited, which is why he has his goggles and headphones as precautions. Otherwise, he would have to risk using his semblance and getting impeded by it rather than benefiting from it. Eli also does not like to weigh himself down with more armor since his shield already does that.

-Exploitable semblance.
     -Bright lights can temporarily blind him.
     -Loud noises can temporarily disorient him if unexpected.
     -Overpowering aromas can disorient until his nose gets accustomed to it.
-Inaccurate weapon at medium to long range.
-No real armor aside from his insulating clothes and rig on his back.
-Short range melee weapon
-Comparatively slow strikes (Eli general needs to swing his entire arm all the way to use his massive weapon)


Name: Kullopodion Ajax

Primary Form: The Ajax takes the form of a large shield, about four feet in diameter with a brown body and bronze details and rim with pairs of silver circles on each Ďsideí at about the middle. Around the rim is a row of barrels, each around an inch wide that goes around the entire rim facing forwards and jutting out by an inch. Each one fires standard ammo or explosive rounds and can either be shot all at once or one after the other, producing a spiral cone of bullets effect. Each of the 8 silver circles can extend telescopically into 8 spikes, each about a foot long to attack whateverís in front and in range. At the very center is another barrel, this one around 1.5 inches in diameter. It can fire out dust like a flamethrower but depending on the type of dust, the effects vary. On the upper portion, a panel shifts away to reveal a mini missile battery. On the lower portion, it has three columns of barrels, revealed by another shifting plate mechanism with one row pointing left, right, and center respectively, that blast shrapnel in a cone at around 10 feet range.

Kullopodian Ajax: ShowHide

The inner portion of the  shield contains a handle for Eli to hold as well as a screen to show what is going on in front of the shield. Both the handle and screen allow Eli to control the shield though it's mostly from a series of finger combinations on the five triggers on the shield's handle. The inner side also has a rail that slides into the rail on Eliís left forearm for easier equipping. On either side of the handle are circular indents that can open like camera shutters, popping out or shooting small, tennis ball sized explosives into his awaiting hands, each bomb having an explosive radius of about a meter. One the inside edges are four barrels that can be used as thrusters to help Eli block if he needs more power to block or bash. The inside also has small storage compartments for tools and the like.

It should be noted though that Ajax is a shield. It's outside is specifically designed to take obscene amounts of damage. The inside as well though not as much. Still if the inside were hit with enough force, which would be quite a lot, its armor plating would be dented and possibly interfere with the inner mechanisms.

Secondary Form: When not in use, the Ajax shrinks in diameter to about 2.5 feet and slips onto a rig on Eliís back, easily ejecting from the rig and sliding into place on the rails on Eliís arm before expanding to proper size.

Dust Functions: As mentioned above.

History: Being a naturally defensive fighter, Eli chose a shield for his weapon, initially only having the center gun. Eventually, through his years of schooling at Odin Academy, he modified his weapon and had a little too much fun adding new features.


Name: Clowckwork

Primary Form: Clockwork is a simple hand gun, worn in an underarm holster that is part of his rig. It fires automatic and, thanks to Eliís skilled engineering and maintenance, never jams despite the impressive firing rate, thus the name due to the fact that it runs like clockwork.

History: Eli needed a secondary weapon just in case any opponent got under his guard, thus he fashioned Clockwork from parts from several different guns.

Additional Equipment: Eli likes to carry a set of tools inside his shield such as screwdrivers, wrenches, soldering irons, wire, and other things for modifying his weapon and spare parts for his goggles and headphones as well.
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