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Camille Alyssandra
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:25:23 PM »
Name: Camille Alyssandra

Age: 17, born on Arashi 28th

Gender and Species: Female human.

Symbol: A set of four, black angel like wings, two of the wings are smaller, pointing upwards, while the lower two are larger and pointing downwards.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon.

Appearance: Camille stands at five foot two and weighing 126 pounds. Long, blonde hair and cerulean eyes, mark her face, her hair is styled into a long, intertwined braid that reaches down her to legs, her body isn’t exactly muscled tone, and most of it is fat, hence her lightweight. Her symbol, detailed above, is located on her back like a tattoo.

She usually wears a “battle gown” in combat, and a unarmored version for day to day activities, or simply not expecting to do much during the day. The armored version is for simply expecting trouble/going to class. The gown itself is long and dark purple, like a ordinary robe, there is a small steel cuirass that protects her stomach area and hips. She also wears steel gauntlets on her forearms that protect the majority of her arms, though the biceps upwards, including the shoulders, are unarmored.  She also wears a headpiece that stays on her head somehow, despite there being no visible straps.

History: In some far off, forgotten corner of Remnant, there exists a village. It wasn’t a very remarkable village, it had buildings, it had people, it had food and water. Really, all the materials necessary for maintaining a life there, except for one thing. Hope.

As cliche as that sentence was, there was a reason for that. The village, to which no one really decided on a name for due to a constantly shifting “government,” was surrounded by two things. Grimm, and the natural, hard rocks of a mountain. You see, the “village” wasn’t just some place you couldn’t find on a map, actually, you could find the rough location just by looking at any old map. Why you couldn’t find it, is because it was located IN the mountain. This was the Nameless Village, almost completely cut off from the outside world, save for a solid stone entrance that resembled something out a fantasy movie. Now, while the village had natural defenses against Grimm, that did not mean it was unassailable, add in the understandably gloomy atmosphere, what, with being under a mountain and all, the mood around the village was usually grim, pardon the pun. As the Grimm are drawn to negative emotions, that meant it was like a feeding ground for the beasts, but, thanks to the hard rocks, that meant there was only one real way in, and that way was barred with everything short of high explosives. Barbed wires, gun encampments, and enough pointy objects to shake a stick at. Why, or better yet, how were they able to survive such conditions is a good question. The answer to that one is relatively simple, a large supply of Dust located underneath the village, it’s actually the reason why the village is there in the first place. Miners could pick out the Dust, and an refining facility could make them into weapons.

So, basically dwarves.

But, nothing last forever, even with the large supply of Dust, Grimm could assault the place at their leisure, and while this made for excellent combat training for people growing into adulthood, it made for a shitty childhood. Enter Camille, one of the dwindling newborns in the Village under the Mountain. Growing up, Camille learned the basics of weapons maintenance, combat routines, defensive tactics, and some academics. Despite being under a mountain, they had a surprisingly good library which taught a variety of subjects, oh, granted, some of the math was outdated, but most of the other subjects still held water in the world. This wasn’t all that special, compared to the other newborn children who receive the same treatment, but there is one thing to be of note. With each new generation, usually when the average age is around 14-19 there is a raffle for one new person to go out into the world when they become of age. The lucky “winner” is given food, water, money, their weapon, and directions to a nearby town. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this is going.

Camille, age 17, was sent out into the world with only an out of date map to guide her. She wandered for a bit before she found the town that was she was directed towards, it was there she heard of the Huntsmen, and upon hearing of the local academy called “Beacon” she set her sights on becoming a Huntress, seeing it as a way to supply her town, and hopefully put an end to the siege so little children wouldn’t be set off into the wide open world.

Personality: Camille is quiet, reserved, and a bit out of touch with current day media and politics. That is to say, it’s not that she doesn’t get it if you’re making a reference to something, it’s just she’s simply unaware of what you’re making a reference to. As part of growing up in a very resource needy place, she has a very conservative mindset, to her, everything and anything can be used for something. A piece of wire? Can be used to tie things down, bit of cooper laying around? You could fashion a knife out of it. That said, she’s also the person you’d want to go to for making forts, be it stone, wood, pillow, or cardboard, she’s a genius at making fortifications. Give her a pen and paper and she can map out the best way to route an enemy into your trap.

Aura and Semblance: Camille’s Semblance is actually rather simple. In so many words, by creating a shield made out of Aura that can absorb the kinetic energy of an attack above her forearms, Camille can transfer that same energy into her primary weapon, which she can deliver an attack multiplied by the amount of force she’s gathered. A normal swing with the weapon charged suddenly becomes on par with being hit with a semi truck in terms of sheer power. She can even regulate the amount of energy she’s stored so it doesn’t always have to be used in one go. Now, this sounds like a general purpose catch all for melee attacks but there are limits, for one, there is a cap on the amount of energy she can store, and two, the shields can’t absorb too much energy in one go. For instance, a heavy swing by a warhammer would be too much, but repeated swings by a normal sword are easy to gather. Finally, to charge powerful attacks, Camille has to weather an opponents blows long enough for her to gather the required power for it. Normally, this usually takes a few minutes, as most opponents wouldn't use heavy attacks right off the bat, and let's face it, if an opponent was simply blocking with magic shields without any time of retaliation, then even the densest combatant would figure something's up.

  Also, since the shield is located on her forearms, that means fire-arms with a high rate of fire (Such as an SMG) do present a problem for her, as she can only put the shields in two places at once, but a gunmen merely has to adjust his aim. The same applies with high powered weapons, such as sniper rifles. One last thing, the shields can’t absorb attacks that have no kinetic energy behind them. An example would Blake’s sword beams in “Painting the town,” i.e attacks that are sharp but have no force behind them.  There is also a limit on how many she can use, the bigger the attack, the more aura it drains. Though, the drain is manageable since most of the power comes from the energy rather then herself, it's mostly so her bones and muscles won't shred themselves apart when she uses a powerful attack.
-Semblance Catalyst Foci:The dust ammo in her clips, normally, it’s usually just impact Dust, that is, normal ammo for Dust gunmen. But, should the situation require it, Camille can change the type and by proxy, her semblance changes in accordance. A fire one would cause the absorption to change to a fireburst, stone would imprison an enemy’s weapon, and so on. She gets these types of ammo by buying them either from the store or scourging them from wherever she can get them.

So, to sum up:

+Can absorb low to medium power melee attacks.
+Can release stored kinetic energy for either a single powerful attack or a short number of medium-high powered ones.
-Hard to use against ranged attacks, specifically those with a high rate of fire.
-Cannot defend against attacks that have no kinetic energy.
-Difficult to defend against certain elements (Fire, ice, etc).
-Very powerful attacks cannot be absorbed.

Combat Behavior: If you’ve read this far, then you know that defense is Camille’s best subject. She’s not “slow” like some kind of stone fort, weathering all kinds of attacks, but it would be better to say she’s more of an “adapting defense.” I.E, she prefers to see what an opponent does and then plan accordingly. Usually relying on planned, calculated strikes to make her mark on an opponent, or, should it come to pass, simply turtling an enemy, waiting until they tire themselves out so Camille can land a killing blow. But, with all defensive styles, there are numerous risks involved, for one, an enemy simply could not attack, forcing Camille to make the first move, which she hates. Another tactic is to simply overwhelm her defense before she can make a plan, or, better yet, use a careful assault to poke holes in her defense, never using more force than absolutely necessary.


Name: Tempré  and Sera.

Primary Form:  Tempré takes the form of a large, bulky assault rifle, a heavy wooden stock and a steel barrel covered in tape mark many makeshift repairs made on the gun. Underneath the barrel, is a sharp, straight serrated bayonet that seems a little too large to be there. Sera is much smaller, as it is the side arm made to be used in close quarters. Sera is a black over and under shotgun with a sawn off barrel and lacking a stock, as it made to be used in one hand. Tempré, in this form, is a gun, it shoots things.

Secondary Form:  Tempré transforms into a full length DaDao, a two handed “sword” with a very long and bulky hilt. The blade, as described, is long, heavy, and of course, serrated, made for powerful chopping blows. Sera is the exact opposite, the only thing that changes is a sharp, single edged blade ejects from under the barrels in the shape of a knife. Tempré, in this form, when fired, springs it’s blade forward for a short increase in range. Now, this in itself isn’t much, as the range increase isn’t much, only about an two inches, but when fired on full auto, the blade becomes a jackhammer, repeatedly cutting and smashing into an enemy’s body, most useful on large enemies such as a Nevermore or Ursa, but on smaller, faster enemies, it doesn’t stack up. Sera does not have any special features in this form, aside from the blade.

Dust Functions:  Usually Camille just sticks to the normal Schnee Dust Rounds, not bothering with anything special unless the situation calls for it, but even then, she’s hesitant because hey, those things cost money. The special rounds are just your bread and butter armor piercing rounds, explosive, and hollow point, and so on and so on.

History: Tempré and Sera are two weapons that Camille forged in the Village Under the Mountain, Tempré was made to cover close-to-medium range firing lanes, but Sera was designed to be used when an assault rifle was too bulky to be convenient. Sera is also holstered on her right leg, it’s leather holster made for fast and easy draws.


Right then, let me know what needs work, what should be cleared up, and if there's anything else I should do. Thanks for looking!

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Re: Camille Alyssandra
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2016, 08:56:09 AM »
Again, I'm not a staff member, just a... new profile reading enthusiast. But I suggest you get your profile into the format seen in the template (there's no proper BBCode formatting whatsoever).
Pretty sure we're encouraged not to place characters in remote villages far from civilization. Seriously doubt you'll be asked to rewrite because of that but be wary in the future.
Also, your semblance and fighting style is a bit confusing and counter-intuitive. Everything up until the "weapon" section implied a single-weapon melee fighter, but now suddenly you're a dual-wielding gunslinger (one of which is two handed)?
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