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Cerulean Steel
« on: September 13, 2016, 09:46:34 AM »

Name: Cerulean Steel

Age: 24

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: His weapon in halberd form being held by a silhouette. Wearing his father's cloak

Occupation: Huntsman

Appearance: Cerulean is a man of average height with a slightly muscular build (visible muscles when not tensing but far from bodybuilder) He has light brown hair which comes down to his shoulders though he usually ties it back in a short ponytail leaving hair at the front (Like trunks after leaving the Hyperbolic time chamber or my profile image). He has blue eyes, slight stubble on his chin and his time in Vacuo has left him with tanned skin. He wears his father's khaki cloak over the top of a sand colored sleeveless tunic and sand colored loose fitting pants with many crisscrossing gray straps and pouches containing various items when in combat. When not in a combat situation he wears what he considers to be standard civilian clothing which is a pair of loose fitting jeans a black t shirt with a red and black flannel shirt as a jacket and thongs (think they are called flip flops in the US.)
He ties his fathers cloak around his waist when wearing these clothes. He has no concept of formal attire and as such doesn't have any.

History: Being born to parents who were both hunters Cerulean spent most of his early life traveling from place to place with one of his parents caring for him while the other was out fighting Grimm or doing whatever job they were doing until his father went out on a job in Vacuo and instead of him coming home another huntsman did and brought a bloodstained cloak that had belonged to Cerulean's father. His mother grieved for a long time at the loss of her husband however it had a different effect on cerulean. hearing about how his father was hero he decided he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and begun wearing the cloak to remember him. After years of training with his mother and moving to vale he signed up to enter signal and eventually beacon. When in beacon He became a member of team SAND and their claim to fame was being the most dysfunctional team at beacon (though this was likely an exaggeration). As a result he left his team immediately after graduating and wasted no time getting to work with his new career.

Personality: Cerulean can often come across as antisocial at first glance as while not opposed to being around others he will never be the one to strike up a conversation. However once you do strike a conversation up with him it is almost impossible to shut him up, as he is one of the cheeriest people you could meet and is often seen wearing a big smile. He is quick to make friends but unfortunately quick to lose them as when in a difficult situation he always wants to get out of it himself. As a result he doesn't get on well with other hunters given that he doesn't want their help despite often times needing it. He also has a large dislike of upper class society as he doesn't understand their rules or dress code it's all too complicated and stuck up for him and his laid back attitude and as such he tends to avoid it.

Aura and Semblance: Cerulean's Aura is a deep purple in color and is almost perfectly average in the amount of damage it can prevent and the amount it can heal him.
His semblance allows him to create an illusory likeness of himself that is tangible and is capable of attacking but will follow a path set by him before it begun it's attack and that path cannot be changed. If given enough time to prepare the Illusion it can react to certain circumstances but these circumstances have to be perceived by Cerulean as he cannot see through the Illusions eyes (e.g. If Cerulean has set the illusion to turn and face an opponent who dodges in a certain direction Cerulean has to see the dodge himself for the clone to act on it's programming.) When struck this illusion will gain a purple hue before appearing to become 2 dimensional glass which shatters and can potentially cause minor damage to the person that struck it with a range of about 1 metre. The illusion can maintain it's form for a range of half a kilometer before it dissipates and can be created anywhere within this range provided it is at least somewhat unobstructed (While cerulean can face away from the semblance clone if he were to turn in it's direction and be unable to see it. It would cease to exist.) .Using these illusions is not very taxing on Cerulean's aura (5% aura cost per clone.) but using it many times without a gap in between can take it's toll.

Combat Behavior: Despite the aggressive look of his weaponry Cerulean fights defensively. Trying to outlast his enemy weakening them with strikes that are difficult to dodge but don't do much damage and dashing about the enemy's attacks confusing them with his semblance only striking with the Halberd from when they are thoroughly exhausted, in optimal circumstances incapable of fighting and these halberd attacks hit hard but are slow. All of his attacking methods work with the idea of surrounding the opponent. This means that an opponent who either flies or just jumps a lot is immune to his usual strategy which forces him to improvise (this usually results in him using whatever is around him to his advantage and fighting underhandedly). He also has issues with other stamina based fighters as they are likely to be unwilling to wear themselves down on him. He also wears light armor meaning that if he cannot dodge or block an attack he will be hurt rather badly from it. His final major flaw (outside of his refusal of aid) is that changing between his halberd and other 2 forms takes time and as such multiple form changes are impractical in battle.


Name: Takif (Arabic for adapt)

Primary Form: Two large blades in the shape of a crescent moon with a rectangular handle in the center which allows it to be wielded.

Secondary Form: the center of each handle splits in two creating 4 shotels Cerulean sheathes 2 on his back and the handles of the remaining 2 rotate 90 degrees creating a blade that can be used in an overarm or underarm grip. Cerulean prefers the underarm grip as he thinks it looks cooler.

Tertiary Form: The blades combine again in the slots of his metal staff creating a large halberd.

Dust Functions: none

History: He and his mother made it before he went to signal.


Name: none

Primary Form: a meter long metal pole with rectangular holes cut in it which allows his other weapons to slot into it.

Dust Functions: none

History: none
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Re: Cerulean Steel
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All good.
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