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Transfer Fortuna Altin
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:07:04 PM »

Name: Fortuna Altin


Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:An ornate slice of cake with a bite taken from it, strawberry on top

Occupation:First Year Student-Beacon


    Eyes:pale pastel yellow
    Skin color: Light tan
    Face:Heart shaped, down turned eyes. 
    Hair: Honey Brown hair that foe a to her shoulder blades, pulled into pigtails, the tails in a single spiral curl each reaching to her shoulders. Long bangs frame her face
Physique:very little visible muscle, soft curves and  a lithe figure. A small chest, barely a B-cup.
Makeup: She wears makeup designed to enhance her own natural looks, with pale pink lip gloss, contouring to the cheekbones and jaw bones. Light Brown eyeshadow and thin eyeliner to just the top eyelid. Her eyelashes are the only thing out of the ordinary natural makeup look. She makes her lashes as long as possible to help make her small eyes seem bigger
    Outfit: An amethyst combat dress with three quarter sleeves, fitted in the bodice to give the illusion of a larger chest with a skirt that flares form the hips and falls to her knees. Delicate detailing around the base of the skirt and cuffs of her sleeves in the shape of animals frolicking picked out with golden thread. Soft, loose doe-skin ankle boots. A sapphire blue sash tied in an intricate bow at the back, with attachments for holding all her stuff. A sapphire headband with a tiny little gold top hat attached to one side, with a purple band and a tiny little emerald feather sticking out of it.

History:     Fortuna was born to a large farming family, father and older brothers working on the estate of  a wealthy farm owner. She'd grown up watching them  work their fingers to the bone, coming home each day sore, sometimes obviously  injured but denying any treatment, there family needing the money. This was  not the life she'd wanted, and knew there was another choice.
     She also grew watching the daughters of their boss and owner of the land  they  worked, such fair and  elegant creatures, always wearing such vibrant colors and they spoke just as elegantly as they looked, there voices always seeming to be on the verge of laughter. The few times she'd met the older girls, they'd  treated  her as some type of doll, they'd dress her in their  old clothes, primp and decorate  her in extravagant, if somewhat amateurishly applied makeup. She had  quickly decided that  she'd pull herself from the  dirt her family had born her into.
    In order to realize her aspirations, Fortuna showed a surprising tenacity in school, her grades gradually improving as she devoted herself to applying for the programs that would lead to the standard of living she wished for, imitating the posh mannerisms and  speech of the girls from the farm, and soon  landed a scholarship to Signal Academy. Her family proudly presented her  that night with what would soon come to be Gilded  Fantasy, at that point little more than a  wooden club. Despite being a "Crude weapon, unbecoming of a lady," she's stubbornly kept the weapon ever since, gradually upgrading it as  she went through training.

Signal provided Fortuna with a chance at a fresh start where no one knew her or her family. While she still loved her family, she'd grown to see them and their "quaint" country ways as a bit of an embarrassment, and without that stigma, Fortuna had  found it rather easy to work her way into the elite groups, although they'd always found it odd that she'd never joined them after school or in extracurricular school activities. This had been due to her finding odd jobs after school to support  her high end lifestyle. She'd had a few jobs early on for stores and stands, but as she went through school and training, found she'd been able to make better money taking on bounties for crime in Vale. Fortuna never took anything very dangerous, simple takedowns on known small time fences and petty thieves. However, despite most people believing her to have little chance of standing out in their school, this constant application of her skills led to a steady increase in practical application of what she learned, landing her in the top ten percent of Signal for her graduating class. Not long after that came her acceptance to Beacon.

Very prim and proper, tends to adhere to the traditional standards of manners. Tends to be a bit of a shopaholic, going through money from mission quickly. Eager to help people better themselves, seeing herself  in the same situation. Has a taste for expensive food, often preferring  not  to  eat if it's not to her standards. Has a sweet tooth. Is not above using charm and womanly wiles to get what she wants. Is often on one diet or another. She is often plagued by guilt when eating sweets, making hollow promises to make up for it. Surprisingly enduring around people of low class, knowing that much of their mannerisms come from upbringing and remembering her previous persona

Occasionally if she is made mad enough, she'll gradually drop her high society veneer and revert to her humbler habits, affecting an accent and farm euphemisms into long drawn out tirades, though she'll be thoroughly mortified after she realizes what happened, often outright denying any knowledge of her antics.

Aura and Semblance:

Aura: Becomes surrounded by small golden motes that drift towards the ground, a faint sound of metal clinking against each other can be heard, increasingly loud when large bursts of aura is used.

   Name:Sugar Rush
    Type: Physical
    General description: she burns through the sugars in her body, converting them into pure physical strength and speed.
    General limitations: The time she can keep it going is proportional to the amount of sugar she's had to eat, and once she runs out of fuel tends to become lethargic and  mopey. Can maintain it for 20 minutes, but will be near exhaustion and need to refuel with more sugar
    Visual effect: Eyes become a much more vibrant shade of yellow, almost the neon of safety vests. Pupils shrink to pinpricks, looking as if they've gone completely from afar.
    Passive ability(x): Causes her to burn sugars at a high rate, as well have deep craving for'sweets

Combat Behavior:

Fortuna prefers to stay at a distance as long as possible, offering support fire to her teammates and coming up with tactics as she watches the enemy from a distance. While capable up close in a fight, her effectiveness tends to decrease once she runs out of fuel for her semblance, on par with most average civilians or police force in melee range. Can tend to be goaded into a f rage if someone makes a mess of her aesthetically, splashing with muck or destroying some part of her outfit. Tends to prefer to stay out of reach and wear down her target if she can, but if forced into melee range, often tries to end a fight quickly, burning through her semblance quickly.


Name: Gilded Fantasy

Type: Revolving Kanabo Pepperbox Rifle (RKPR)
    Weapon Derivation:Kanabo/Pepperbox rifle

Primary Form:A 3 foot long hexagonal kanabo, thick spikes every few inches up each side. Made of rich mahogany wood, the spikes, edges, top and pommel gilded with gold. When the trigger is pulled and held, the Kanabo will begin rotating at high speeds, the spikes becoming especially dangerous as they shred their targets.

Secondary Form:Wooden sides withdraw to reveal 6 gilded barrels that rotate after each shot. The stock is made of mahogany. The trigger has two catches, the first firing the weapon as normal, while pulling past this point will activate a secondary firing mode.

Tertiary Form: Compacts into an ornate hairbrush of mahogany with golden gilded decoration.

Dust Functions:
The rifle normally can fire normal rounds indefinitely, however through speed loaders, she can place dust cartridges of six shots into the barrels. The can either be shot singularly for a quick volley of an elemental barrage, or if she activates the secondary firing mechanism, the barrels spin rapidly before firing a more concentrated shot, burning through all six cartridges.


Normal Fire-leave small clusters of stalagmite-like ice wherever it hits, usually large enough to encase a single limb if it hits a target.

Discharge shot- With all six barrels fired at once, will leave a rink sized are of icy ground, with those within the areas feet slightly encased in ice. On a direct hit, will often encase the entire body as well as attaching it to ground.


Normal Shot-fairly standard shots, the go to ammo.

Discharge Shot- A large AoE fireball, leaving a decent sized blast area where it lands, dangerous for use in enclosed areas, although often effective.


Normal Shot- Used for nonlethal take downs, able to throw medium sized targets a fair distance, often used to slow her descent for her landing strategy.

Discharge Shot-Releases tornado force winds, tossing most objects into the air and clearing the field of most cover that hasn't been nailed down, and that certainly isn't a guarantee it will stay.

History:A simple store brand club originally bought by her family to celebrate her acceptance into Signal, she has since personalized the weapon to "fit a woman of her bearing" as she would put it.
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Re: Transfer Fortuna Altin
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All good.
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