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Persimmon Burhan
« on: September 12, 2016, 04:35:55 PM »
((Sorry, I had a few more character ideas in mind and couldn't resist posting one of them. I know we're working on getting people transferred over to the new board so I don't mind if this takes a while to get looked over.))


Name: Persimmon Burhan

Age: 18, born Saule 21

Species and Gender: Male red fox faunus

Symbol: A thin orange arc, evidently depicting the last rays of sunlight in the evening

Occupation: 1st year at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Persimmon is rather tall and lean, weighing 91kg at 195cm. He has a bony facial structure with short orange hair atop his head and matching orange stubble on his face, thick enough to be visible on his pale skin. He bears an almost permanent smirk on his face, which he gained at his first real card game. His bright orange fox eyes are extremely perceptive to movement, and would go largely unnoticed if they weren't constantly darting about.

Persimmon wears a lightly armored vest and a set of padded jeans, though his upper body and much of his legs are covered by the cloak he always wears. Outside, he tends to keep his head covered and hates being exposed to the sun. His weapon is strapped across his back, keeping his cloak tightly closed. Once he unholsters the weapon, the belt falls loose and allows him access to the ammunition stored inside the cloak. This essentially means that Persimmon's gun is part of his clothing, and he feels naked without it.

History: Born in Vacuo, Persimmon had a very informal upbringing. He spent the first several years of his life in a modest home with his mother, father, and two brothers. As a child, Persimmon was always allowed to run free out of the house and encouraged to explore. He would often steal fruit from street vendors and eat it between meals in shaded alleyways. Nobody would have accused him of being a thief, but nobody would be surprised to find out he was either. He and his friends were always running around making trouble in some way or another, knocking over barrels or "accidentally" bumping into people in the streets. One day, he bumped into his father, who saw a stolen apple fall from his pocket... and taught him how to hide them better.

Persimmon's mother was less happy about his mischievous side, and wished her husband wouldn't encourage it. She tried to teach him more constructive things like cooking, literature, and arts and crafts. None of these hobbies resonated with him until she struck gold with one final attempt: card games. Persimmon loved watching the cards move, and loved moving them himself. Eventually, he started incorporating what his father had taught him into play, and by age 13 he would "win" nearly every hand.

During one particular game, Persimmon was being carefully watched. He had taken his cheats too far and by now he was sure the family was onto him. It was time to lay low and think carefully, make all the right bets and win big fair and square. As he concentrated harder and harder, he heard a rhythmic thumping. babump... babump... Was this his heartbeat? He watched his father bet big... babump-babump-babump His own heart skipped a beat as the rhythm kept going. He called his father's bluff, raising him even higher and forcing him to fold. Persimmon realized he had some special power that day, which he would later learn was his semblance. This ability alone makes him hard to beat in any poker game, but to this day he'll still cheat for the thrill of it.

At this point, Persimmon made an image of himself in his mind as a shadow thief, taking what he wants and giving nothing back, known by reputation but with his identity intact. He donned the cloak he wears today during this time and first designed his weapon then too. At age 16 he bid his family farewell and made his way to Vale, thinking the desert landscape of Vacuo was unfitting for a shadow thief.

As it turns out, Vale wasn't much better for his profession. The idealized image in his mind of a sneaky big-city jewel heist with no clear culprit was basically absent, the news always showing bombastic displays of front-door break-ins with big guns and lots of goons instead. Unwilling to scrap his whole image so easily, Persimmon moved on to a new goal. Famous thief was a bust, so how about assassin? No, killing a person seemed a bit extreme for just a little infamy... By age 18, he finally decided to become a huntsman vigilante, killing Grimm on his own terms. He enrolled at Beacon on his own terms, too. Who need real transcripts when you can always go on a forgery?

Personality: Persimmon is a master of faking emotions and often tries to trick others into trusting him. In reality, Persimmon only cares for himself and will gladly screw over all but his closest friends. Oh, and the ladies. He likes them.

The deception doesn't stop at emotions. With a quick flick of the wrist, Persimmon can steal small items and stash them in his sleeve before anyone has a chance to notice. This is helped by his keen understanding of what people hold dear and what they would be least afraid to part with. He uses the same sleight of hand in card games, and hasn't played a fair game in years. In general, though, he's more of a harmless nuisance than a criminal mastermind.

Persimmon gets spectacular marks in school. While not particularly (okay, at all) interested in studying, his sight and environmental awareness make it easy for him to cheat on academic tests. He even treats it as a game, coming as close to getting caught as possible while reading other students' work. In combat training, his arsenal isn't great for one-on-one classroom duels, but he is notable for his natural talent in marksmanship and acrobatics (which he is not afraid to show off).

Aura and Semblance: Persimmon (Duh) #EC5800

Persimmon can use his semblance to track the life functions of any living thing, including breathing, heart rate, and aura level, as well as giving him a general tracking function (as a rule, he knows where their center of mass is at any given time). This effect can be activated on anyone Persimmon can see with his naked eye. Putting this effect on a person costs 2.5% of his aura (10% for a whole team), but will stay updated without any additional input for an hour even if they leave his line of sight.

As well as tracking other people's life, he can temporarily mask his own. At a cost of about 1% aura every second, he can silence his weapon, footsteps, breathing, heart rate, and any other noise he might make, and also cover his scent. Because of the high cost of using this ability, Persimmon tends to activate it very briefly just before taking a shot or dashing across an open space. Also, it tends to fail when trying to cover a particularly loud noise, such as the blast from his more powerful shots.

Combat Behavior: Open combat doesn't suit Persimmon very well, so he prefers to stay hidden. As things in Remnant don't tend to go down in one shot, "staying hidden" tends to mean not fighting at all. If forced to fight, he will take extreme care in picking an ideal perch and gain sight on as much of the battlefield as possible. In team fights, he stays back from the chaos and picks off targets foolish enough not to focus him down. If a melee breaks out, Persimmon generally won't even try to fight and will take any escape option he can find (generally hiding behind- and turning the fight over to- someone else).


Name: Sunset

Primary Form: A bolt-action sniper rifle capable of loading a variety of ammo types. Persimmon is quick at loading this weapon but can only load one shot at a time.

Secondary Form: The stock compresses and the scope folds over, hiding inside of the weapon. The weapon then elongates into a sturdy 2.5 meter staff with an emergency dust chamber located at the base. The transformation takes about five seconds total, though the cartridge must be ejected prior to initiating. This form would be extremely awkward to actually fight with, but Persimmon only uses it for two things: Keeping his distance from a melee-focused opponent, and pole-vaulting (yes, you heard me, dust-powered explosive propulsion mini pole-vaulting) out of danger.

Dust Functions: Sunset can load a variety of shot types based on several kinds of dust:
-The standard shots are simply high velocity rounds, which Persimmon carries "lots" of. These shots are easy for him to silence and can rip right though light armor, damaging the aura directly. However, the aura damage leaves something to be desired.
-The opposite of the above, impact shots use fire dust to create a localized blast at the point of impact, dealing heavy aura damage and possibly toppling a weak or unaware opponent. Unfortunately, they can be largely ignored by heavily armored opponents. Persimmon carries "fewer" of these, but his supply still isn't really a concern. Silencing these creates a muffled effect, audible for about ten meters.
-Gravity dust. Ooh boy.  Persimmon hates using these because of their extreme kick, and only carries three at any time as a result. These deal about the same damage as an impact shot at the point where they hit, but cause a blast in a two meter radius that throws targets aside rather than significantly damaging them. Silencing these is hopeless.
-Lightning dust can be used to shut down electronics temporarily. These shots are fairly situational and Persimmon only carries five of them as a result. Easily silenced.
-Ice dust can be used to create a shot that can freeze Grimm and form large icicles at the point of impact. Persimmon primarily uses these to close off escape routes enemies try to use, as well as striking at their feet to catch them off guard. Persimmon carries ten of these with him and can silence the shots no problem.
-...The aforementioned ridiculous pole-vault in secondary form also uses gravity dust, though the recoil is more bearable since Persimmon moves with it.

History: Persimmon made this gun back when he thought he'd be a master thief just in case he would need to take out guards.


Name: Eye of the Faunus

Description: More of a utility than a weapon, this is simply a recon device to give Persimmon better sight on the battlefield. It can be set up on any surface and will monitor the region in front of it. This data goes directly to Persimmon's scroll, and he can choose to share it with his allies. The Eye itself has long range sight and can see normally in low-light conditions, hence the name. Though he can determine where his enemies are using the Eye, Persimmon still has to see them himself for his semblance to take effect.
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Crystal Evermore- Aura professor at Beacon Academy.

Now introducing my AMCA, complete with apathy!


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Re: Persimmon Burhan
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Re: Persimmon Burhan
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Seems fine, moving.
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