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Carmine Rodwell
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:15:14 AM »

Name: Carmine Rodwell

Age: 19, birth date: Huā 17, 61 AC

Species and Gender: Male, White Tiger Faunus

Symbol: Two guns, one is black and the other is white, crossed and a grey claymore down the middle.

Occupation: 3rd year Beacon student

Appearance: Carmine is well built, weighs 200 pounds, has green eyes, stands at 6' 1, and has short straight white hair with black low lights. He is very pale and has a little facial hair that is hard to see do to his pale skin hiding the white hair. He wears a black t-shirt under a red and white zip up hoodie, he wears it opened up. He also wears white pants and black combat boots. He has little scars here and there from everyday wear and tear. He also wears a silver necklace with a golden cross on it. His combat attire does not change from this. He wears his school uniform with the jacket open and no tie.

History: Carmine lived an uneventful life from birth to the age of 8. His mother died when giving birth to him. Through the ages of 4-8 years old he was always sick and was never able to go outside, so his sister, Sol, was always taking care of him when their father was away on missions. However once he turned 8 Sol left to leave Vale with her husband and son this made Carmine become lonely and afraid, so over the next 4 years he slowly gained more immunity to sickness to the point where he was finally able to move around outside without fear of falling ill again. Then he started to train under the tutelage of his father who rigorously trained Carmine to gain more muscle mass to be able to wield his fathers Claymore, Andúril, and to learn how to fight with it. After 5 years of training vigorously Carmine's father retired knowing that his son can carry on the family legacy. When Carmine turned 17 he applied for the entrance exam where he passed the sparring portion with ease, academics just the same, but in live combat he did just well enough to pass. He was then accepted into Beacon and was excited and ran home to tell his dad the good news however he found his home broken into and dead White fang bodies litter the floor of his house, he searched the entire house to find his father slain with multiple White fang grunts around him slain and multiple stab wounds all over him. With Andúril in hand, Carmine ran into his room and grabbed everything of importance. While searching he found his 2 pistols he and his sister made, so he took them with him and ran away with all the money that was left and a duffle bag with his cloths and anything of value. He spent his first year in Beacon training and gaining no notoriety for his combat skills but he was noticed for his loud mouth. His second year in Beacon became more joyful when he learned some news of his sister might be coming down from the mountains this year. Now he hasn't heard any news from Sol, so he now waits for anything that could hint to where Sol is.

Personality: He is a very outgoing and compassionate person. His favorite thing to do is read, he got this hobby from his sister whom read to him when he was bed ridden. He will come off at first as very over bearing and even annoying, but will mellow down over time as he gets to know a person. He has a ferocious hatred towards the White Fang for both killing his father and giving humans a bad impression of Faunus. 

Aura and Semblance:
Carmine's aura color is carmine red, and with nothing really special about it. 
His Semblance is a passive affect where anytime he takes damage he reduces the next hits damage by the same amount that was dealt to him by the previous hit's damage. However the affect must recharge for 5 seconds (one of my post) every time it is used, within this time the damage reduction is reset as it recharges. It works like this: If Carmine was shot by a sniper rifle and was dealt 10% aura damage, then was hit by another sniper bullet again he would take no damage from the 2nd bullet, but if he was stabbed and took 2% aura damage then was shot by a sniper bullet that would deal 10% aura damage then he would take 8% aura damage instead of the full 10%. However if he is hit by a sniper bullet that takes 10% aura damage then was stabbed that took 2% aura damage, he doesn't regenerate the left over aura it disperses with the reset after the second hit.

Combat Behavior: His main combat strategy is to fight at close range with his claymore then jumping to range with his guns to always keep the enemy from gaining any time to breath, but for him to be so nimble with his attacks. He is on the slow side of swinging his sword around so anytime a sword wielder who can swing much faster than he can will have no trouble with Carmine at close range. His favorite thing to do in a team fight is to be ahead of the group and try to take down as many people as possible. He fights best against one person at a time, but if he needs to he can keep two people at bay with his pistols, if anyone between the two is fast or strong enough to break his line of fire then he'd be in trouble and most likely go down in a two v. one. Also anything larger than a two v. one then Carmine is boned. He is never really good at fighting in a group, but since he sees it as a challenge he will always try and fight a group of people to learn new ways to use his weapons and learn new tactics.


Name: Andúril

Primary Form: A silver and black double-edged claymore that weighs well over 20 pounds. Its length is 60 inches while it's blade length is 50 inches. The blade is black while the hilt is silver with a dragon head as a decoration and the pommel being a black diamond. The handle is covered with black leather wrapping. He can store his blade on his back with a black sheath.

Dust Functions: None.

Name: Hate's Wrath

Primary Form: Two mat-black slick pistols. Each have circular shapes caved into the handles to make four rings and are colored white.

Dust Functions:
Requires dust to fire and can use different dust types for each gun. The guns have pre-loaded mags where he carries 3 of each dust type.

Fire- Fires bullets that explodes on impact. (Will be able to fire 15 times)

Kinetic- Fires slower moving bullets that has increased knock-back. (Will be able to fire 10 times)
Glass- Fires bullets that will shatter as they exit the barrel to give a shotgun effect. (Will be able to fire 5 times).

Lightning- Fires bullets that will electrocute the target on impact.(Will be able to fire 2 times).

Wind- Fires bullets that travel the fast and fires like a machine gun however the bullets will deal small amounts of damage per shot. (Will be able to fire 30 times).

History: Carmine was given his blade by his father and he made the guns with his sister when he was younger to kill some time.
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