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Cidrine Laohu
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:32:58 AM »

Name: Cidrine Laohu, calls himself Cid. Name inspiration comes from the color Citrine Yellow and Lao Hu, Chinese for Tiger.

Age: 18

Species and Gender: South China Tiger Faunus Male

Symbol: A Black Tiger head with three yellow claw marks across the cheeks forming stripes.

Occupation: 2nd Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Cidrine is a young man who clocks in at 180 cm and weighs 78 kilos. His eye color is yellow and doesn't wear glasses. His mix of black and orange hair (natural is orange, black is just dye) is styled so its short and spiky, though it has a resemblance to a tiger's peculiar looking "mane".  He has a moderate build and has visible firm muscles. His skin tone is a slight tan and is pretty firm. His jawline is strong looking and his face somewhat resembling a feline head shaped. His distinguishing tiger tail, eyes and having three stripes (they are just tattoos) along his left cheek makes him quite distinctively among a crowd.

Everyday Clothing:
Cidrine wears an citrine shirt with a tiger face on it and a black jacket to go along with it. He has black jeans with citrine stripes and citrine sneakers to match. He has his claw gauntlets with him all the time.

Battle Armor:
In Battle, Cidrine wears a light armor made with light metal materials. This armor consists of, one right shoulder plate, a chest piece, leg guards, a belt and boots with claws attached. He may wear a helmet shaped like a tiger head but mostly its just that peculiar setting.

History: Cidrine was a the son of Bruce Laohu and Lee Xin Yuan, all being tiger faunus and his father a martial artist, his mother a simple housewife. Unlike other fauni(what? Any singular object ending with 'us' in plural is 'i', like octopus and octopi), they weren't supportive of the White Fang's way of getting equality. Rather they believed if they wanted equality, they have to first respect other's feelings, and not just shout out what you want. Cidrine has that mentality, so before entering combat school, he was often picked on by other faunus for being Anti Fang despite being Faunus. He would often return home, badly bruised, which he tried to cover up but nothing escapes a tiger's eye, especially a mother one. They made complaints to the principal, but she paid no heed since she didn't like the Faunus, so the bullying continued. His father decided to teach him martial arts, specifically his family tradition one, the Tiger Style. He turned out to be a natural, learning quickly within a few weeks and unlocking his aura after months of training. He used it when a big bull faunus tried to bully him, hence he gained respect from his peers since that was the main bully. His social life grew, but he still hears some people spreading bad rumors about him. He didn't bother, though sometimes they make him angry and attack them, which resulted in a scolding from his parents. He got scouted by Signal and furthered his Tiger Style Training, combining it with his weapon, the Tiger Claws, a gauntlet with claws attached shaped like a tiger's paw. His academics were horrible so he had to stop training for a while to strengthen his academics in order to graduate from Signal. He took up motorcycle riding before the exams as a way to reduce stress. He barely passed in academics, but his combat skills along with several good transcripts about him got him into Beacon. While waiting for the year to start, he spent some time on learning how to swim and training his strength, in cold places to improve endurance, eventually he does not feel the cold.

Personality:Cidrine is a headstrong young teen with lots of respect for others, even bad guys. He can be lazy thanks to his tiger side but he is often active and doing shadow boxing when idle. He is quite prideful, often hating when people hurt his pride. His favourite color is citrine golden yellow, music would be any form of rock and anything catchy and food be any meat. He dislikes books, not because he doesn't like reading rather because he feels books are just wasting his time. He would rather be scratching poles than even read a children's story. He has this habit of waking up extremely early, then going to the roof to doing martial art exercises. He openly expresses himself as a faunus, thinking of nothing about others opinions. He dislikes people who think faunus are below them, so when they offend him, like a tiger, pure ferocious assault. He has problems with rabbit fauni though, for he gets this weird urge of eating them.

Aura and Semblance:Roar: Roar does a few things, the first making aura very visible, almost solid looking. Second it reveals what some martial artists believe to be a spirit animal that defines their traits and personality, his being the tiger, in the form of a large projection around him. The last thing Roar does it gives an extra layer of protection to Cidrine, usually  0.7 meters in height and width. The way Cidrine moves affects how the animal moves, so Cidrine is often restricted to being on all fours. But this drains his aura quickly. He can keep Roar up for 5 minutes or if Roar's protection is broken, which is usually just a few good 3-5 strong fire dust explosions should break it. It pretty much blocks anything from the outside, meaning allies, weapons, environment and bullets, so he has to be careful when moving around in a team.

Combat Behavior: He moves slow, but packs a punch once he gets close. He uses his heightened senses to his advantage in combat to make up for his speed. He reacts fast, thanks to his training. He relies on ambush and sheer force, using other's advantages to his advantage. But he has a problem when it came to Dust users, he has problems when it came to such things. He has better mobility as he can climb trees, traverse rock walls and swim with ease. Roar can be useful and a nuisance, depending on the situation. If he wants to go defensive, Roar can do it for 5 minutes, but offensively he can knock people back. In teams, Roar can be a nuisance especially to those near him.


Name: Tiger Claws

Primary Form: Its primary form thats the form of claw gauntlets, the four claws being a feet long and tiger shaped. It is coloured Citrine.

Secondary Form: Its secondary form is a bit unsual, two of the claws come off a take the form of a boomerang thanks to magnetism that can be activated remotely. Cidrine can reattach them any time. The middle claws stays. Another function is where all four claws come off. Instead of becoming a boomerang, it becomes a grappling hook, the middle claw and most left claw is attached to a coil of very thin, strong rope hidden inside the claw gauntlet. It works the same as the boomerang, remotely activated magnetism.The maximum distance is 15m

Tertiary Form: In tertiary form, the claws flip up so that the sharp ends now face Cid. The sharp ends then retract into the rest of the claw, so its basically three rectangles flipped up.

History: Cidrine got this from his father, and had it renewed for first day in Signal, it also received a color change from orange to citrine. The claws flip through a simple magnetic system in the rest place for the claws while the tertiary form, it also affects the boomerangs.
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