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Shoko-La Bitter
« on: January 11, 2018, 07:33:51 PM »

Name: Shoko-La Bitter

Age: 26

Species and Gender: Caracal Faunus - Female

Spoiler: show

Occupation: Mercenary/Hitman

Appearance: (Faunus trait: retractable claws and/or hands with feline traits)
Spoiler: show

History: Sample Text

Personality: Sample Text

Aura and Semblance:
Jelly Pudding
This Semblance can be considered just a form of advanced aura manipulation. Shoko is able to condense up to 99% of her aura outside her body, and what turns out is a semitransparent jelly the size of a basketball which looks made of honey (the color of her aura), that can be manipulated in various ways.

- The aforementioned jelly cannot move more than five meters from Shoko, and its movements can be controlled with extreme precision. The jelly can be split up to three times, and each resulting jelly can be moved independently (the size will obviously decrease).

- The aura that constitutes the jelly has a viscosity comparable to that of honey, but it behaves like a non-newtonian fluid, displaying shear thickening properties. This means that anything that impacts the jelly will alter its viscosity: basically the harder you hit it, the thicker it becomes.

- Shoko can compress the blob until it reaches the size of a golf ball, making it harder, but she can't really alter the shape of the blob (which will only change shape in response to outside forces, for example, the form of a drop when it moves, or the form of a container if it's forced in one).

- The jelly tends to stick to any surface it comes into contact with and it doesn't let go unless Shoko wants it to.

- When the jelly comes into contact with any form of dust it will alter its properties accordingly. It can become incandescent, or freeze at contact e so on. These effects are only temporary and depend on the amount of dust absorbed (a couple of seconds for an ordinary dust round, to a full minute for a full crystal or vial of dust). Once charged with dust, the jelly will discharge it all at once on the first thing it comes into contact with. Each jelly is independent even in this aspect. 

- Now let's put together the properties of this jelly and see what happens if you try to interact with it in the most common ways.
Punching the jelly, regardless of the strength of the blow, will be like punching rubber: the jelly will vibrate in response to dissipate the force of the impact, but it will not be damaged or scattered.
Cutting the jelly, regardless of the sharpness or the velocity of the blade will be like trying to cut a highly viscous fluid, so the movement of the blade will be slowed down and the jelly will stick to its surface.   
Shooting the uncompressed jelly with a normal metal bullet will slow down the projectile but won't actually stop it or slow it down enough to make a difference. Shooting the compressed jelly with a normal metal bullet will cause the said bullet to discharge all of its energy without being able to pierce through. The number of projectiles whose energy can be absorbed varies accordingly to the type of projectile. Once the maximum amount of energy is reached the jelly will forcibly decompress and dissipate the energy with vibrations.
Punching, slashing or shooting the jelly with the aid of any form of dust will produce the same results mentioned above, with the difference that the jelly will soak up the dust and take its properties (if the projectile that hits the jelly is made exclusively out of dust, then it will be absorbed in its entirety).
If the jelly comes into contact with a semblance that makes use of dust, if it is able to soak up some of the dust will depend on the way the other semblance utilizes it (for example the jelly would not be able to interfere with something like Weiss' glyphs, but it would be deprive something like Blake's dust clones of their added effects).

- While using this semblance Shoko is obviously less protected by her aura, but on the bright side, she can't lose the aura that is outside her body, as it can't be damaged or dispersed. The jellies can be retrieved at any moment and the aura re-circulated in the body, any dust effect still lingering in the jellies will have to be discharged beforehand. Any jelly that leaves the limit of 5 meters will vanish and return to Shoko in 2.5 seconds.

- Because the jelly tends to stick to any surface it comes into contact with, someone might want to take it off his body or weapon. The problem is that the jelly is still basically a fluid, so any attempt to grab will not end in success. It's still possible to interact with it, but the only safe option to get rid of it without Shoko's approval is to blow it up and disperse it forcibly (to blow up one of these jellies I suggest mixing dust, using explosives, or semblances capable of reproducing a similar effect). If a jelly gets blown up, the aura will probably get further than five meters, and so it will return to Shoko.

- Once one jelly sticks to something, Shoko is still able to move it around. Her favorite use of this feature or her semblance is to stick a jelly to her target, make it move all the way up to the target face and suffocate it by blocking its airways from the inside, allowing the jelly to enter the nose and/or mouth.

- Since the jellies are made out of Shoko's aura, when they come into contact with something they give her some kind of basic tactile feedback. Nothing precise, but it allows her to "sense" what they are touching as if herself has touching hit through something like a thick cloth.

- But how fast can Shoko move these jellies? It really depends on her reflexes and her spacial awareness. If she can follow something with her reflexes and has clear in mind where she wants her jellies to go, then the jellies will be able to keep up with her and will reach the desired position moving along with her wishes. That also means that the jellies are not able to perform some kind of automatic defense or offense and are absolutely inert without Shoko's instructions. Given these circumstances, Shoko is exceptionally vulnerable to anything capable of hindering her senses, balance or concentration. That, coupled with a diminished defense while her semblance is active, means that her only retort to these kinds of effects is to deactivate her semblance.

Combat Behavior:  Dust Specialist/Capoeira
With a double barrel gun for each limb, Shoko fights mostly close to the ground, always moving with acrobatics and somersaults while firing continuously with the various guns and mixing dust ammunition to combine dust effects.


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text
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