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Ragnor Ursa Kael Tanek Sayda The Second
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:38:58 PM »

Name: Ragnor Ursa Kael Tanek Sayda The Second Nickname: Rukt

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Faunus (Animal: Fox)

Symbol:  His symbol is the same of his house. The house of Radiance. It consists of a blazing sun with the radiance being nine fox tails instead of the normal triangles set on an orange background.

Occupation: First year at Beacon academy and Heir to his house.

Appearance: Rukt is a tall slender young man coming in at six feet 170 pounds. His hair is extremely long coming down to his lower back silver in color with slight reddish-orange highlights. You can get lost in his eyes for they are a deep and resplendent orange resembling amber. His face is smooth and refined with a pointed chin and his skin is without blemishes. His skin is as smooth and lustrous as white Jade. His Faunus trait is quite astonishing and is what allowed his family to come out from the rest. Rukt's and his family's tails are ludicrously large and fluffier than other Faunus. His tail is silver with reddish-orange tips. He has two matching ears mostly silver with reddish-orange tips. Due to his family being very traditional and their ludicrously large tails, they have clothes specially made for them that resemble Kimonos.
His voice is unexpectedly soft and slightly feminine. Everything he does is slow methodical and with grace from walking to even when he's breathing he radiates an aura of grace and tranquility. His tail is subconsciously always swaying gently accentuating his gracefulness even more. He can also control it at will if necessary. His olfactory nerves take after his canine traits making his sense of smell as strong as a dog.

History: It been almost forty years since the Faunus civil war where Rukt's grandfather was an instigator of the war where he helped to bring the Faunus together. Now, even after the war, his family has a strong foothold and now is currently one of the largest Faunus noble houses. Instead of going off to Menagerie like many other Faunus he decided to place his roots in Vale and try to spread tolerance, unlike the fools that are going to menagerie. It was a rough start at the beginning but a few decades later the house had grown and was established into society. Rukt; the firsts son soon had found love, proceeded to get married and had a child. This child was named after him. He was rather surprised due to him having a needlessly complex name but he was honored. But since he was an extremely traditional man He decided to help in the raising of his grandchild child. Growing up for Rukt the second was tough. Rukt had to train to fight from dusk till dawn ever since he was a child, learning etiquette and the Arts. He was even drilled into learning his grandfather's favorite instrument the Erhu. Years passed by with this strict training and his grandfather was getting older and older but he somehow still retained his looks. One day when his grandfather felt Rukt The Second was ready, for Rukt the seconds birthday he gifted him his trusted weapon Radiance as a present for his birthday and told him about the family semblance. Rukt The Tecond treasured this gift of knowledge and the weapon Radiance from his grandfather close to his heart and trained even more vigorously to adapt to the weapon and unlock the family semblance.

Years passed and he lived a tranquil life at home with his parents and grandparents while still keeping up with his training with Radiance and learning the family semblance. Soon came the time he would leave home and take the entrance exam to Beacon Academy. The years of training day in and out were not in vain as he passed with almost perfect scores in all areas and now is being placed on his own team! He never really had any friends growing up due his constant learning and training as such he's very excited to have some for the first time in his life. He is itching to go out on missions to meet new people, see new sights, try new food and have fun!

Personality: Rukt is a very strong and outgoing individual. Even though he grew up in a rich lifestyle with the discipline from his grandfather, he still views as everyone equals and as such is a very proud Faunus, not shying away from showing what he is. He's normally mentally stable the only thing that would trigger him is if someone is making fun of him and his friends. But if they got grievously hurt he probably would go into a rage. Throughout the years he has grown tired of tradition. He wants to explore the world, see new sights and meet new people. As such he is very adventurous and might put himself in harms way more than others even though he doesn't mean too. The one thing that is more important then almost everything is his tail. He is always grooming it making sure it is as fabulous as it can be and he often loses track of time when he is grooming it. He is still dedicated to what or who he's close to. He has heard from his grandfather stories of the White Fang but he won't label them until he meets them.

Aura and Semblance: Rukt’s aura is a very resplendent silver with wisps of bright amber orange throughout. With years of training making him use his aura very efficiently even though his max storage is only above average. He normally uses his aura on shielding and augmenting his speed or strength depending on the situation.

His semblance is one of the rare hereditary ones. It's what allows his grandfather to look so young even though he's is actually quite old. It allows the user to alter their appearance. It can change the user's height within a few inches, allow the alteration of skin tone and eye color. Change the shape of the face, the size of different body parts, etc. 

Depending on how major the change is warrants how long it can be kept. For a major appearance change, the longest he can do is one hour whereas his grandfather who has mastered it can do so at will and for how long he wants. If it's only one part of the body he can affect it much longer and it does not need as much concentration. The only side effect is when the shifting is happening it is extremely painful and since the transformation needs concentration it can cause it to fail. His grandfather has said when he gets good enough with it, It can affect others as well but the change is permanent and cannot be undone it is also much much more painful for the receiver then it is for them and can only be done to a receiver once in their lifetime.

Combat Behavior: Rukt is a hit and run fighter as such he normally uses his shotgun. He runs around shooting then dodging attacks while keeping his enemies pinned and getting shots in when they are occupied by his teammates. If a strong melee fighter comes in while his hands are occupied with his shotgun he cant block or dodge blows as effectively so if they can land a few hits while he's still in shotgun mode he might not still be up. He is at his weakest when he's reloading his gun for it takes a long time and he moves slower so he doesn't waste any ammo it is the perfect time to strike for his opponents ranged or melee.
He does have very strong melee damage with his hammer but he needs to be in close range when using it as such against another ranged specialist it is really good whereas when he's against a melee specialist he's going to have a hard time being able to contend with them. In a 1v1 scenario in an arena, the opponent has an advantage due to the small environment and most likely would use his Hammer and trie to knock out his enemie in one blow. But if he's out in a large space and can keep a decent distance he can rain hell upon his enemies before they can even get to him. His tail allows him to have great balance and speed but it is also a liability that his opponents can exploit since it so large his opponents can grab it rather easily and keep him pinned and cause him immense pain since his tail is sensitive. But this is a double edge sword his tail is his life as such he will go berserk once his tail is being used against him.


Name: Radiance

Primary Form: His primary form in a sleek and elegant shotgun looking weapon that can double as a cane. It has three main fire modes Shot, Slug, and Grenade other than the firing mode such as normal trigger pull, full auto trigger or auto fire on a pump. Shot shoots multiple small “pellets” ranging from anywhere between 50 small ones and 4 large ones dealing considerable damage to possibly multiple opponents. Slug shoots one massive shot with very far range and strong single target damage. And grenade shoots an even larger shot with less velocity but can arc into strange trajectories and explode affecting multiple enemies he can set it so the grenade does not explode until he releases the trigger.

Secondary Form: Its secondary form is for when he has to get close and personal. It rearranges itself to be longer and has a massive hammer and ports on the back of the hammer which ignites when swinging to make the swing Immensely more devastating causing others near the strike point to be knocked back considerably far and those hit by it to take massive blows.

Tertiary Form: This is an out of combat transformation, he swings the hammer around and attaches strings to it converting it to a large erhu which he uses to play music.

Dust Functions: Instead of loading normal shells in he can insert a special dust infused shell causing his attacks to be modified. For example in shot mode, A red dust shell causes the gun to shoot fire alongside the shot, lightning causes it to be infused with electricity, etc. Slug mode into a long torrent of fire or a large firebolt, lightning to summon a lightning bolt or a ball of lightning, Wind for a concussive blast of wind that detonated immediately or at a later distance. It causes the grenade to explode with more vigor and changes the blast to a torrent of fire, numerous lightning bolts, a massive concussive blast with, etc.
For hammer mode, all it does is add an effect to the swing such as lighting it on fire or even harder/ faster swings with wind dust.

History: He doesn't know much about the creation of this weapon all he knows is that it has been in his family for generations. And that it has saved his grandfather on many occasions as such he believes he can trust it with his life just as his ancestors did when they used it. But he feels like there is something missing while using this weapon but he cant put his hand on it yet.
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Re: Ragnor Ursa Kael Tanek Sayda The Second
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Re: Ragnor Ursa Kael Tanek Sayda The Second
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