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Ramm Warner
« on: September 28, 2017, 11:14:55 AM »
Name: Ramm Warner
Age: 18, born 12th of Klever
Species and Gender: Male Rhinocerous Beetle Faunus

Symbol:  A dark, earthy red beetle surrounded by different colored dust crystals
Occupation: 1st Year Student at Haven
Appearance: Ramm stands at 5í9Ē and weighs 165 lbs. He has a toned, somewhat musuclar build, and has lightly tanned skin, along with short, dark brown hair. Ramm has a beetle horn that protrudes from middle of his face--above the bridge of his nose--and curves 4 inches upward, and flattens out at the top. He also has chitin nails on his fingers and feet, which can help in combat, but very hard to cut off with regular nail clippers. Ramm has a scar on his chest due to a near fatal encounter with a Beringel. When not in his school uniform or combat gear, Ramm wears a earthy red and white button up flannel over a black v-neck shirt, along with blue jeans and pink orange tennis shoes. When on a mission, Ramm will wear a black and white jumpsuit under pieces of steel plate armor, which has some earthy red engravings on it.
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Ramm was born on the continent of Menagerie, in a long house near the main city of Kuo Kuana, to a loving lizard faunus mother. Unfortunately, Rammís father lost his life defending the city from a Grimm attack, leaving behind a small fortune and his sword, which Ramm would inherit later on in his life. Rammís mother and father used to be apart of a traveling band of mercenaries, selling their services for money and fame. They got slowly but surely developed feelings for one another, married, and settled down in Menagerie, where they knew that their child and themselves would be accepted for who they were. When Ramm was little, the other children would make fun of him for having a beetle horn, calling him a dung beetle or bird food. Because of this, Ramm would often go off and explore the jungle close to their longhouse and observe all of the native fauna there, especially the bugs, as they were one of the few things he could relate himself too.

During one of his outings however, the longhouse and the people living in it suffered an attack from the Grimm. Ramm was in the jungle exploring during this attack, and attracted the attention of a stray beringel. After an extensive chase, the beringel finally landed an indirect attack by smashing a rock, causing it to fragment into smaller pieces like a grenade. Ramm suffered a near fatal wound from the fragments as it split his chest open, and would've died if he wasn't saved by the older faunus warriors and brought back to the longhouse to be healed by a few of the caretakers there.

After a few months of slow recovery, Ramm was back to his old ways, but he started to train in the forest, using his father's sword, as if his encounter with the Grimm had ignited a new flame within him. After a few years passed by, Ramm gave his friends and family a heart felt goodbye as he boarded a boat out of Menagerie to Mistral, where he would go to school at Sanctum to take his first steps in being a hunter. The faunus mostly kept to himself as he studied and trained, occasionally getting bullied by the students that thought they were cool, though Ramm would usually punch his way out of tough situations. This somewhat backfired on him though, as one day he was ganged up on by 8 students who had beef with him. The beetle boy was pushed to the ground and was punched, kicked, and spat on until he unlocked his semblance, pushing all of his assailants away into various walls and trashcans. Ramm limped away from the situation and was never bothered again.

The years passed by as Ramm honed his skills at Sanctum, modifying his father's weapon and even making his own weapon. The faunus graduated from Sanctum and moved on to Haven, hoping to meet some friends and hone his skills even more.

Personality: Ramm tends to be a laid back, if not quiet guy. He, along with many others, is a supporter for better faunus rights, which can cause him to suddenly speak up if a conversation reaches the topic. Ramm prefers to be alone and away from other people. It's not that he doesn't like talking to other people, as he can hold a conversation with someone for a while depending on the topic at hand. Ramm likes to be alone so that he can collect his own thoughts and think about himself instead of other people's ideas. Ramm is also laid back when it comes to school, only studying enough to the point where he can keep a B in the class. This is because Ramm sees combat as a more important occupation, rather than the study of swampland creatures and what not. Ramm's hobbies include listening to music, meditating, climbing, and fishing.
Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: #974039 Aura Barrier -- Ramm creates a dome made of his own aura to protect himself and his allies. The diameter of this dome can change depending on how many allies Ramm needs to protect, ranging from 1 to 3 meters. He can deem whether or not someone is worthy to be let into the dome by letting the dome touch the person or things aura. Only beings with auras can be let into the bubble, so Grimm are automatically pushed away.
Ramm is weak when in the dome, as he has pushed his own aura away from his body to make it. This leaves him vulnerable to deception, as anyone that he trusts--be them friend or foe--will always be let into the dome. Ramm can only keep the barrier up for 30 seconds, any longer than that and he'll start getting dizzy, get nosebleeds, and eventually pass out. The cooldown on this ability depends on how big the shield is, and long he kept it up for. On, average, it can last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
Combat Behavior: Due to his semblance and main weapon, Ramm prefers to get into close quarters combat, as his semblance can push dangerous foes away before they get a chance to strike. Ramm's combat style can change depending on what type of dust he uses. For example, if he's using fire dust, he will charge in and try to slash his enemies up, making full use of the time that he has until the buff wears off. Ramm will also incorporate his gun into his combo's, causing enemies to, at the very least, be distracted from the powerful rounds coming their way.

Ramm prefers to fight alone, as his protective instincts can cause him to use his semblance multiple times to protect his teammates, which in turn, can tire him out from it's repeated use. Ramm is also weak when fighting without dust or his bullets, as without them, he'll just be using a normal straight sword. Ramm also tends to worry too much about his surroundings, causing him to not give his all when fighting single opponents, as he is afraid of being ambushed. This fear does subside a bit when he's with his allies, but he will never fight at his true strength unless he's absolutely sure that all of the enemies have shown themselves. Ramm's own biology tends to be a weakness in battle, as his large horn can be easily targeted and shot or sliced off.
Name: Chroma Blade
Primary Form: A simple crimson straight sword that is 3 feet long and 3 inches wide. There is a revolver like cylinder near the hilt of sword that holds various types of dust capsules. These capsules are the size of pinky finger and are loaded into the cylinder by inserting them into the top hole when the blade is horizontal.
Dust Functions: The swordís cylinder can hold 6 types of dust at once. When a dust capsule is in use, itís effect will travel through the blade. But, if the user wants to use another type of dust, they will have to wait until the current effect wears off. To change dust types, the user must press a button on the side of the hilt, and to use that dust, the user must pull a trigger located on the other side of the hilt.

Dust in use:
1. Fire to cut through enemies like butter
2. Ice to freeze the ground or machinery
3. Wind to blow away enemies
4. Lightning to electrocute those that wear metal armor
5. Earth to shift the terrain (Swinging his sword into the ground the create a row of pillars, or stabbing it straight into the ground to make some pillars rise out of the ground in a 3-8ft radius)
6. Gravity to make swings more powerful
History: Ramm built this sword off of the one his late father had used in battle before he was born. Ramm modified it to use dust with the help of his professors at Sanctum.

Reference Images:
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Name: Avenger

Primary Form: A simple, silver .44 Automag pistol with a 10 round magazine. It has the word "Avenger" engraved on the barrel in a fancy cursive font.

History: Ramm built this simple firearm at Sanctum to help make up for his lack of ranged countermeasures.

Reference Image:
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Re: Ramm Warner
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Re: Ramm Warner
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All good, approved and moved
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