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Atlas Headmaster, Amarant Lovis
« on: September 06, 2017, 07:04:36 AM »

Name: Amarant Lovis

Age: 70, Born 29th of Amare

Species and Gender: Human Male

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Atlas Headmaster

Appearance: 6í4 tall and, with the exceptions of salt-and-pepper hair and a few wrinkles, Amarant shows little signs of age. His mind and body are kept in perfect shape and the students of Atlas often see their headmaster training with even full-fledged hunters struggling to keep up. Cold blue eyes usually covered by polarised sunglasses, an unflinching stare and a commanding voice adds legions to Amarantís natural intimidating aura making him an imposing force even without his combat expertise. Skin free of tattoos or scars, one could be forgiven for thinking Amarant was a retired bodybuilder if they didnít know him but he simply is, or was, that good.

Rarely seen out of his dress uniform, except when exercising, Amarant regulates his multiple medals to storage and instead only displays his rank and Atlas Insignia. In the rare case he is out of that uniform, his clothing is always formal, even his exercise uniform is high tech and professional. The armour he used to wear in combat appears to be standard Atlas light armour with a whole host of modifications. In his combat armour what stands out most is the trio of wings sprouting from his back, designed with heroic leadership in mind the emotional impact of being charged by Amarant has broken as many lines as his physical impact.

History: Amarant Lovis has a long, hard but mostly successful life so far in service of the Atlesian Kingdom. Born ten years after the then-Mantelen and Mistrali defeat Amarant was born into a Kingdom on the edge of ruin. Being on the losing side of the war had bankrupted their economy and the hate and fear of returning soldiers was only attracting more Grimm. The Academies had been established yes but it was going to take time for their graduates to be able to fully protect Solitasí harsh tundra. Still the cold breeds proud people and they persisted. Lead at the time by Alexandria Sokolov, a veteran of the Greyed War, who lead a rebirth of then-Mantle through revolutionising the countries industry, government and most importantly military. Bringing their military might back to pre-Greyed War strength in a matter of decades. This was the atmosphere where Amarant was raised, a devout servant to a kingdom which valued strength, ingenuity and endurance in equal measure.

As a huntsman-in-training Amarant had already made a name for himself as an expert warrior even bring down a rogue Atlas huntsman, with the aid of his team, while still a student. More impressively he did it without drawing attention from the international community who were growing very suspicious of then-Mantleís militarisation. His team ACCE run rampant through the Vytal festival through all four years of their time at the academy and in an unprecedented achievement took out the singles, doubles and team brackets. Amarant formed a tight bond with his teammates which has lasted even to this day with every member a part of the Academies staff in one way or another. It was also at the academy where Amarant started to learn under Alexandria herself who had taken up the position of headmistress after the kingdom had settled down. She had an enormous influence on Amarant, she took him under her wing and soon her highly disciplined and organised command style started to be heavily influence his own.

The only blotch on his record is the Faunus Revolution. With several of their factories attacked many in Atlas saw this Ďso-called-revolutioní as an attack against them by militants or worse foreign powers. As such many from Atlas joined to volunteer armies resisting the revolution lead by the ageing Alexandria Sokolov, Amarant and his team followed. In the beginning, there was little animosity against their Faunus opponents but as the war dragged on and thousands died that civility evaporated. Amarant however started to more and more respect his foe. Lacking in the technological superiority of the volunteer Altesian armies they made do with evasive tactics, never attacking full on unless a unitís supplies had been cut and their leader taken out. Alexandra may have written the book on Atlas military strategy and turned them into the apex fighting force on Remnant but only when all the gears were working in unison. As such things went from bad to worse for Amarant and his allies and despite scoring several minor victories the volunteer forces were defeated at Fort Castle. Alexandra herself was killed in the fighting and without her leadership the army quickly vanished and the revolution was declared a success.

When his team and many Atlas forces were lost in the aftermath of the revolution it was Amarant who gathered them and put them to use. The hatred and despair were channelled into productive measures targeting Grimm nests or bandit tribes to ensure Atlas would never be weak like it was after the Greyed War. Putting aside the loss of his mentor and many friends was difficult and caused a lot of people to question the value Amarant placed in them. And in a way, they were right to. Amarant may have fought in the trenches alongside them but to him, even his team, where weapons made to be used. This did not make him wastefully however and over time Amarant managed to convince many to see things his way although he still has fierce arguments with his team mates to this day.

Regardless of how much good this roving band doing it was not a sustainable operation. Atlas had proven twice now that their military could not be trusted and as such sanctions where put in place limiting itís numbers. It was here that Amarant floated the idea of the Atlas Specialists. The line infantry could be retrained but fighters with hunter-level skill needed a support network and meaning in their lives. The specialist program could provide them that and more importantly for the board of generals it allowed Atlas to keep itís most powerful fighters and could even start expanding when automated droids started to become more common while still abiding by the international regulations. For Amarant however, it wasnít about the prestige of the Atlas military it was about providing support for his allies as well as filling the gap in Alexandriaís strategies. The value of individual, highly trained operatives working in conjunction with the entire might of the Atlesian military could not be overestimated and under Amarantís guidance itís deployment became an art form.

Amarant then served two decades in the newly formed Atlas Specialists, eventually taking command of the unit and quickly became the public face for this new initiative. The other Kingdoms clearly saw what Atlas was trying to do, getting around their sanctions, but there wasnít enough political will to force anything with Mistral dragging itís heels. With this semi-acceptance the Atlas Specialists forged themselves a reputation to match those of hunters, at least in their home land. Even Faunus started to want to join the organisation. Originally Amarant was sceptical; it was one thing to respect these people as fighters, itís another completely to call them brother and sister. The White Fang was also on the rise and radical elements were already attacking Atlas facilities, which the Specialists were proving themselves capable at defeating, but also using the facilities like Atlas academy itself to train their operatives. Still Amarant decided to admit a single Faunus, more as a political move to show how far the Atlas military had come.

Initially only allowed on the most simply missions the Faunus proved himself over and over again to the point even veterans of the revolutionary war begrudgingly started to accept him. It was here, late in life, where Amarant discovered his true great passion in teaching others. Amarant took the Faunus under his wing just as Alexandria took him all those years ago and moulded him into one of the finest weapons in his arsenal. Blessed with a worthy successor Amarant started to think about the next stage of his life, he was getting old, Ďold, slow and dumbí he would joke and the extended run of peace seemed to suggest he would better serve as in a support role. As such he decided to resign from his position as commander of the Specialists, instating his protegee before so, then walked into the academy and applied for a job. The teachers at Atlas Academy where surprised to say the least by Amarant quickly proved himself as capable off the battlefield as he was on in.

It became apparent that although Amarant was capable of bring out the best of individuals under his direct tutelage he struggled with larger classes. His focus on perfection lead him to often pace his lessons around the brightest in the class rather than the average creating some extremely capably hunters, or more likely Specialists, but also pushed many out of the academy as they simply fell behind. Amarantís colleagues brought this up to him but try as he might he simply couldnít evolve his teaching technique. As such he was moved to a more specialist role, providing final stage training to those who had already proven themselves. Amarant developed this program into an official system by the time the Atlas headmaster stepped down and as such Amarant was considered the likely replacement. This was due more to his international presence and fame rather than teaching experience but he still had the full support of the teaching staff.

Amarant has only served as headmaster for four years during which he has institutionalised his specialist training regime and ramped up the militarisation of itís general training. Large focus is put in maintaining teams after graduation even if they donít go into the Specialists with military protocol drilled in as soon as students enter the gate. Amarant is aware how this looks to the outside world and his argument that it generates superior fighters would be ignored even though itís his genuine belief. As such Amarant has spent a lot of time on the international stage trying to convince the world of his way of doing things. He has even made trips to Menagerie, a field day for the press, but it was only the start of increased direct investment by Atlas into the Faunus state in a perhaps overly optimistic attempt to unite the two peoples. Even if the diplomatic angle fails these ventures are still profitable for Atlas businesses and allows them to get their claws into Menageries developing economy.
Personality: A calm and collected individual Amarant approaches everything in life like a campaign and he is the general. Polite and respectful even towards his enemies Amarant sees everyone in Atlas, himself included, as a weapon to be used against the Kingdomís enemies, this can make him seem manipulative and technically he is but everything he does is in service to his people. Never one to act rashly Amarant often held back his assaults until he had as much information as possible and could devastate his opposition in a single blow. Again, life has immense value to him but that value is calculable and although Amarant often took the field himself he also knew when to cut his losses. Possessing a dry wit Amarant jokes surprisingly often but due to his intimidating presence and professional demeanour they are often missed.

Art and language are Amarantís personal past times. He speaks over a dozen languages, some which are only spoken by a handful of academics in todayís mostly mono-language society. A meaningless skill mostly it still speaks to Amarant desire to understand the world he inhabits and how to most exploit it for the benefit of Atlas. Because of his semblance Amarant gets a lot out of art, knowing why the artist makes every brush stroke adds a huge amount of meaning to even the most simplistic artwork. There is also a practical function, artists are products of their times and culture with even the most divergent a product of their homeland. As such Amarant maintains a steadily expanding collection pieces from across the globe, each giving him an insight into their home unique to them.

Amarant has had a long and bloody history with Faunus, earlier in his life with the revolution and more recently with the terrorist White Fang. Despite all this Amarant has never been able to hate them, even when his team mates fell into that trap, as when confronted by the most horrific acts Amarantís semblance showed him why and what drove people to commit such crimes. That doesnít mean he has a loving relationship with remnant's second species, never being able to properly mourn the death of his mentor has left psychological scars which will probably never heal. This combined with rising tension with the White Fang has left Amarant is highly sceptical of most Faunus until they earn his trust, a difficult feat in itself, after which they are rewarded with being another, slightly political, weapon in his arsenal.

As for personal relationships Amarant tries as hard as he can to keep it separate from his professional life, a habit he picked up while fighting White Fang insurgents. He is still a target but has a lot more security for both himself and his loved ones. All the members of ACCE are still alive and fulfil various roles at Atlas Academy in their own right, it would be impractical and pointless to hide that they are still on friendly terms despite want maybe said when they drink. As for love, rumours abound about hidden meet ups on battlefields or other romanticised rubbish but the truth is Amarant has been married to the job since before the revolution and itís demands have only grown since. Other than that Amarant keeps on friendly terms with many of his Specialists as well as a few international figures. There is no doubt that he is a controversial figure but his calm and apparently open demeanour make him difficult to hate if you have regular interactions with the man.

A journalist once called him a Machiavellian Centaur and although Amarant laughed the comment off it does have some merit. Although he is no longer officially a member of the military, he does retain his rank as a symbolic gesture, even his most calm requests possibly carry serious threats of force behind them. Mastering the fusion between being loved and feared just as the centaur fused man and animal has always been a reality of Amarantís command style. But in the end this is just another avenue of attack and Amarant combines fear, love and rational pleas just has he combines the three arms of the military to achieve his aims.

Aura and Semblance: As one would expect from a veteran warrior of the highest calibre Amarant has an enormous pool of aura reserves to draw on. Preferring, like in all things, to use his resources offensively and as such is more skilled at augmenting his attacks or created shock waves than defending or healing himself. Itís colour is Navy Blue but that colour leaches out of it the more Amarant uses his abilities leaving it a just before it bursts. harsh white.

As for his semblance, epitomising his analytical nature, Amarant is capable of understand why a choice is made with a glance. This include non-living things like artwork or plant growth as well as unnatural things like Grimm or robotics. He only understands why the studied action takes place not every minor activity the individual is undergoing, such would result in an information overload. Nor can he study more than one action at a time. Still this enormously powerful predictive tool makes Amarant almost unbeatable in one on one combat if he can match his opponents raw physical abilities. Strategistís Eye as he calls it takes very little of Amarantís reserves to deploy but Amarant considers it invasive to others privacy to keep it constantly active. Still Amarant does hesitate to use it when he is confronted with something unusual or unexplained, privacy comes secondary to safety in his mind. When in use his eyes slightly glow the same colour as his aura but itís faint and hard to see unless you know what to look for. As for people who know exactly what his semblance is Amarant has been quite lucky and managed to keep the exact specifics limited exclusive to his team. The general idea, being some sort of enhanced analysis based semblance, is an open secret in the Atlas military.

Combat Behaviour: In his youth Amarant was one of the greatest warriors Atlas had to offer. Specialised in rabid strikes and vicious counterattacks Amarant made his fame in using his enemies strengthens against them. As he has gotten older his speed has faded somewhat, particularly the speed of his sword, but luckily his wings are as fast as ever. Linked as part of his armour these bladed wings are linked to Amarantís nervous system through experimental surgery and as such hasnít slowed down as he aged. These four blades can set up a furious pace of blows, three of which are mechanically augmented. This combined with Amarantís predictive abilities makes this assault extremely difficult to resist. Even without his semblance having four angles of assault plus the dust vents in his armour allow him to deal with hoards effectively.

There is a risk using his wings as offensive weapons however, the damage of even one can greatly reduce his mobility. Mobility adds a large amount of adaptability to Amarantís style and this hasnít changed as he aged. Lacking some of the overwhelming strength of other hunters Amarant needs that mobility to get through defences to bring his razor edges to bare. The three wings also give him a seemingly erratic flight pattern which makes him hard to hit at range. An advantageous ability given his limited range options and habit of making a target out of himself. The most effective way to bring Amarant down would be surprise, he can fly with his own wings so overwhelming physical assault or explosives would be the best bet. Mental trickery would also be effective but due to his analytical prowess even without his semblance Amarant his capable of seeing through most illusions. Amarant does also carry a large amount of dust on his person and although his armour has precautions against it exploding they arenít fail-safe.

Although not specifically part of his combat behaviour it is worth noting that Amarant makes a large effort to gather as much information on anyone who could be a threat. This includes his own Atlas students as well as notable hunters-in-training across the globe. Amarantís uncanny perceptive abilities have created a rumour that Atlas Academy or at least the students are under constant surveillance, again this is mostly true although Amarant does try to ensure at least some privacy to his students. This concept of knowledge is power has caused Amarant to deploy these surveillance devices almost everywhere he goes. This has left all academies and several foreign military bases bugged and feeding Intel to Atlas.


Weapon 1

Name: First day of Winter

Primary Form: A standard Zweihander, 6í(1.8m) and 9.5lbs(4kg), complete with parrying hooks and a wide curved upwards cross guard depicting two mechanical arms. The metal is well-wrought and several names are carved along the blade of the weapon. The blade also possessing a tiny computer system only having the capacity to adjust the cross guard to grab weapons being parried and record Amarantís fights with a 360 degree camera so he can learn from them later.

Secondary Form: The First day of Winter collapses into a forth of itís size and the cross guards fold in. The makes the weapon far more easy to transport over long distances or while flying.

Dust Functions: The sword has itís reservoir of dust but can connect to Amarantís armour to either use the armourís reservoir or add to it. The First day of Winter has a small reserve, enough for three uses, of all major forms of dust. Most of these manifest like fire, ice or electric as blasts from the tip while others like gravity dust can repulse or attract objects to the weapon.

History: Original Alexandria Sokolovís weapon and Amarant took it after leading a counter attack to reclaim her body after their defeat at Fort Castle. The weapon has remained mostly the same since it was wielded by his mentor except for two major aspects. For one the names of friends how have fallen in battle are carved into the blade. An emotional weak point for Amarant the weapon is one of the few things that can consistently force illogical actions. The second major change is a small computer system was added to the weapon.

Weapon 2

Name: The Wings of the Mountain

Primary Form: A set of three wings which sprout from a large cylinder on his back. The cylinder fits snug into his armour plates and starts at the back of his neck and goes ĺ down his back. At the base of Amarantís neck is the opening to his spinal socket and as such surrounded by thick armour plates. The wings themselves are around 1.5m, 5í, from tip to bend or around 5m fully extended. The whole set up weighs around 20kg, 44lbs, which is a lot for an old man to carry. Luckily while attached to him, and particularly in the air, it feels a lot lighter but it isnít something that Amarant is going to bring out unless he knows there is going to be a fight. With a max speed well below supersonic and only with a couple hours of flight time The Wings of the Mountain are not a transporting device and instead epitomise Amarantís reliance on technology, preference for fast paced combat and heroic leadership.

Dust Functions: The Wings of the Mountain has the same dust functions as The First Day of Winter, the sword, except it has a much larger supply of dust contained in its cylinder. The dust is emitted from the back of the wing and Amarant can send dust from only to one wing if he desires. Most of this is a combination of gravity and wind dust which allows for Amarantís flight but it contains enough of the other major dust types for 10 uses itself or add 20 uses to either the sword or armour. Amarant is reluctant to draw on the dust The Wings of the Mountain uses for fuel for offence and would rather right without dust than reduce his mobility. 10 uses equals around 30 minutes of flight in normal conditions.

History: Created for Amarant personally when he created the Atlas Specialists and ensured he would reduce the impact of inter-kingdom regulation has on the weapon manufacturing businesses in Atlas. Taking advantage of experimental nerve grafting technology the Wings of the Mountain are a marvel of technology and even to this day is matched only by the gear other Atlas Specialists are using. Despite the possibility for an upgrade Amarant has grown accustomed to this Mark of the technology and since departing military life has seen little need to remain ahead of the curve technologically.

Weapon 3

Name: The Tundric Guard

Primary Form: Highly modified Altesian light armour the Tundric Guard is as much another weapon as it is Amarantís last line of defence. The already light armour plates have been made hollow and filled with entwining funnels of foam and dust. Golden trim and the Atlas insignia emblazoned on his chest and shoulders mark Amarant clearly even if the wings didnít already do that. The armour plates interlock providing maximum protection while not infringing on mobility. Itís better than bare skin but the Tundric Guard will not hold up to sustained punishment from even medium sized Grimm let alone major threats.

Dust Functions: Like the First day of Winter and the Wings of the Mountain the Tundric Guard contains itís own reservoir of dust but it also contains a large amount of foam in case of armour breaches. This foam fulfils the double purpose of preventing dust igniting if a dust funnel is breached when the armour is as well as providing a redundant last line of defence. This foam, and the dust, can be emitted through various vents all along the armour. Most plates have at least three vents but hands, forearms and lower legs have the most.

History: The Tundric Guard has been with Amarant since he was a huntsman-in-training in one way or another. Undergoing multiple and frequent upgrades or remodelling when deployed in different environments. Not concerned with the Theseus's ship implications with his armour Amarant finds himself the least passionate about this addition to his arsenal. He still keeps it cleaned and ready go despite his advanced age like any good Altesian. Perhaps itís because he has never had to rely on its plates or simply being resources spent of defence still annoys Amarant the Tundric Guard remains a valuable addition to his armoury.
No criticism is too harsh so hit me with your best shot.

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Re: Atlas Headmaster, Amarant Lovis
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Top long; Didn't read. Everything seems in order here, +1
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Re: Atlas Headmaster, Amarant Lovis
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Looks good to me, not to mention interesting over all.

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