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Alban Inverno, Headmaster of Beacon Academy
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:21:43 PM »

Name: Alban Inverno

Age: 59, Born on the 23rd of Saaral, 20 AC

Gender and Species: Male Human


Occupation: Headmaster of Beacon Academy

Appearance: Alban is tall and well built. His black hair is combed back and has a few strands of grey just barely visible. Brown eyes look outward from his lightly scarred face. He is quite strong, especially considering his typical attire.

Alban wears a dark blue haori jacket, decorated with metal plates sewn along the bottom edges and sides. Shoulderpads cover his upper arms, leaving his lower arms to be guarded by light bracers. Under the jacket are some black pants with grey stripes going down the sides. His large boots are brown, covered in metal plates just the same as his jacket. A belt with several buckles ties everything together, matching the boots. A small hook hangs freely on the right side, and a small pouch on the left back, secured tightly. Finally, on his back rests a massive, single edged greatsword bearing no decorations beyond a simple crossguard.

When in a non-combat zone such as Beacon Academy, Alban wears a similar outfit, but with no metal plating attached to the clothing for added comfort. His weapon is always present, though.

History: Alban was born and raised in Vale, having attended Signal Academy with the desire to follow in his parentsí footsteps and become a huntsman. However as he spent time at Signal, he realized that he was more interested in teaching over fighting. While he proved himself quite capable of fighting, he worked to help others improve however he could, often forsaking his own grades to do so. In the end, Albanís transcripts showed he graduated with only average combat marks, but very high academic marks.

Upon graduating, his academic marks got him a pass to Beacon, although just barely. Once assigned to his team, he became good friends with them all, graduating with high marks alongside them.

After graduation, Alban separated from his team and moved to Atlas to become an instructor at one of the academyís there. While his first few years were uneventful, one event changed his life in many ways. While on a mission with a group of students to a lightly infested area, they nearly met their match when they found the reports of Grimm activity were very far off. Outnumbered and tired, with one of his four students dead already, they took refuge in an icy cave. The cave looked unnatural, perhaps man made, but there was little further evidence as they entered with no choice. Inside they held their ground against a hoard of Grimm for several hours before Alban passed out, having taken a critical blow to protect one of the two remaining students.

When he awoke, several days had passed. No Grimm were visible, but the frozen bodies of three students lay near him. And in his hand was a large sword, Rimeheart. They say the sword spoke to him in whispers on the snowswept plains, explained how it saved his life, but could not save the others. In the end, the students perished from Albanís semblance freezing them, which shook Alban and almost forced him to quit teaching, but his new companion convinced him to stay. And so he did.

Four years passed there before he was offered a position at Beacon for the following year, which he happily accepted. On the fifth year away, he returned to meet with his old team and in the end join them again as instructors at Beacon. Over time, he has moved on to become Headmaster of the school.

Personality: While Alban is capable of being respectful and courteous when he must be, he is typically very blunt in his words and actions, as he believes that sugar coating things can let people believe they are doing better than they really are, which is obviously false. However, he always ensures his words are positive whenever possible, as degrading someone helps even less than lying to them.

In regards to his actions, Alban is always first in line to get something done. He never hesitates, and thanks to his experience and training, is an excellent decision maker and shot caller. This conflicts somewhat with his charge in attitude, however.

In combat, Alban fights very aggressively, almost savagely. He wastes no time on flair and displays of skill, focusing entirely on crushing his opponent. However, he doesnít seek the thrill of a kill, and is still in control of himself, able to stay his blade as needed. He tries to fight alone when he can to keep his allies save from both his enemies, and himself. This personality has developed more recently, according to some that have known him in the past.

Combat Behavior
In combat, Alban fights very aggressively, almost savagely. He wastes no time on flair and displays of skill, focusing entirely on crushing his opponent. However, he doesnít seek the thrill of a kill, and is still in control of himself, able to stay his blade as needed. He tries to fight alone when he can to keep his allies save from both his enemies, and himself.

Originally, Alban used a one hand sword and shield, able to switch the sword into a rifle for ranged attacks. His style focused on keeping the enemy in close range but remaining defensive and wearing the opponent out with a combination of blocks, attacks, and his semblance.

These days, Alban has forgone his old weapons and makes fast, powerful and often one-handed strikes with Rimeheart, a greatsword. He relies on his blade, semblance, and Aura to protect him while concentrating on a brutal assault of the enemiesí ranks. The combination of Alban and his weapon makes combat against him extremely difficult. This is worsened by his semblance, as prolonged battle within it will make the uphill battle a snowy one. And nobody likes going uphill in the snow.

-High Endurance
-High Amount of Aura
-Deceptively Strong
-Very Fast
-Excellent Sword Skills
-Extremely Powerful Weapon
-Seemingly impossible Reaction Time

In the rare cases where Alban has been seen in combat, he does not appear to leave any openings or have any weaknesses, not to the naked eye nor faunus eye.

Semblance: Chilblains: A freezing aura radiates from Alban, chilling a large area near him. The temperature within the field drops very sharply, and cold winds lightly blow throughout the area. It is generally uncomfortable upon entering the field, but staying within it for too long can prove deadly as creatures and objects will begin to freeze. Only Alban is excluded from this effect, meaning that it will affect his allies, making it difficult to use.

As the the field remains active, ice begins forming over Alban, granting him armor and increasing his defenses. A prolonged battle is ill advised. This aura field moves with Alban and has a 100 foot radius. It does not pass through solid objects, but can go around them. So someone behind a tree would not be protected, but a tent would keep the warmth inside for some time.


Name: Rimeheart

Storage Form: Rimeheart rests as a blade strapped to Albanís back.

Primary Form: Rimeheart is a large, single-edged greatsword wielded mainly in Albanís right hand. The design is extremely simple, bearing no marks on the blade or hilt. Particles of ice trail from the blade when swung.

Abilities: Rimeheart is capable of amplifying Albanís semblance many times over and focusing it on a single point, causing anything struck by the blade to become flash frozen. This effect is often deadly to living creatures, but oneís aura can protect against the effect. Still, it is devastatingly powerful.

Much more dangerously, Rimeheart can magnify the intensity of Albanís semblance a thousand times, flash freezing everything within the field in an instant. Alban becomes encased in ice at the same time due to his icy armor forming so rapidly. The ice will keep him protected from most attacks. This secondary ability is typically a last resort, due to the extreme danger for any allies in the area.

Alban can swing Rimeheart in an arc, causing the blade to release a crescent blade of ice that flies outward towards foes.

Rimeheart has another ability, which has yet to reveal itself.

History: Alban had Rimeheart forged by a smith in Atlas. He never explains any greater detail beyond that. The true history is largely unknown.
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