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Silva Marquis
« on: July 17, 2017, 06:32:56 AM »

Name: Silva Marquis

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human, Female

Symbol: A black silhouette of a swan

Occupation: First year huntress

Appearance: Silva has… silver hair, short and loosely resembles a bob cut. Her soft pink eyes give a shy and cute impression, almost harmless look towards her. Her soft smile only adds to this, making her just a cute little example of the ideal version of that one thing that one would protect. All of her features share that same soft, kindness, somewhat quiet look. Her height of 5’4 only adds towards this and her generally girlish clothing that she decides to wear. Her build is fit: a flat stomach and a bit of defined muscles and her legs are defined slightly. It’s very common for her to walk around without any footwear or just in thigh highs.

Spoiler: show

Huntress clothing
For combat Silva likes to wear cute clothing, starting with a silver sleeveless blouse with the collar being just a tad bit longer, it is buttoned and also is pleated along the middle. It has outlines of a small blue deer patterned all over the blouse. Silva wears a pair of light blue denim shorts with a black skirt so the shorts aren’t normally visible. Over this she wears a long dullish green asymmetrical jacket with a hood, thin sleeves which stop just before her wrists, the right side folding over the left to button it up and a split along the sleeves forearms, she might wear thigh highs, over-the-knee socks or pantyhose depending on her mood and weather. For footwear she will normally wear some ankle high heeled folded brown boots. A small pouch is normally attached to her hip on the right side.

Casual clothing
A black sleeved skirt with long sleeves and a white collar which holds a light pink tie, over that she wears a grey and white hooded jacket with a zipper that stops just at her armpits. She wears black pantyhose with some form of boots or might just wear some thigh highs by itself.

History: Silva started out in Vale, first and only born to James Marquis and Silva Ryder, James himself was a scientist, working in the lab to help cure diseases and create new technologies. While Silva taught as a dance instructor, more specifically ballet, having always been a life passion of hers and something that she loved to pass down to those who were willing to learn. These two were never officially married but might as well of been, the main reason being that if they were to break up it there would be all of the legal papers and nonsense which they didn’t want to go through.

Silva as a typical child loved the stories of old. The act of bravery that would be performed only in tales, she was somewhat grounded in reality in knowing that she would never be able to do anything like that. She lived an extremely ordinary life until she was kidnapped in the dead of night at the age of 10. For seven days she was missing and no-one could find her. Until the lucky intervention of a hunter who had seen it on the news and wanted to help. She was saved and thankfully unharmed, at least physically. She became extraordinarily quiet and refused to leave her parents side. Particularly her mother, she would go with her to work and she would always sleep in the same bed with her. Leaving James to sleep in the guest room.

It was during these times that Silva started to teach her ballet, if she wouldn’t leave her then she might as well teach her something with that time. At first she understandably sucked at it. She couldn’t hold her balance and didn’t have any of the flexibility that the other students had. So she was also taught at home, simple exercises to help her in ballet, while her father taught her all the material that other students were learning in school. With these extra teachings Silva was able to catch up to the rest of her class. She also started to get ahead of them, learning the moves that were considered to advance for her class. Her mother encouraged her to enter competitions and she did, as long as she was with her. Her confidence slowly returned as her ballet was really starting to kick off. Laughing and smiling again like she had never faced a tragedy in her life.

Everything was fine, not perfect and not bad, just fine which was fine with her. Until there was a small accident two years later. Two months before the championships were to be held in Atlas she got caught in a car accident. The backside of the car got t-boned by a truck, the driver skipping on sleep to meet the deadline for his delivery. She remembers suddenly moving sideways but besides that nothing.

When she woke up in hospital she was horrified. She had no movement in her legs, the force of the truck slamming into the car had sent shrapnel through her legs, while amputation wasn’t needed it was impossible for her to walk again. She had been so excited for it and she was left devastated, from a almost prodigy level ballet dancer to being confined to a wheelchair. Silva was going to pull her out of the championships but James had other plans. He couldn’t stand to see his daughter like that, it gave him chilling reminders of how she was after her kidnapping. So, with the help of a few friends within some respective fields they all set together on a group project. They didn’t want to amputate her legs since the rules didn’t allow for such procedures or any enhancements or any kind. So they went with trying to cybernetically enhance her legs and keep them hidden, replace as little as possible, keep all of her skin intact and give her all the degree of moment that she had before. They spent 6 weeks on the project and completed it one week away from the championships. She had surgery the next day and practicing the remainder to get use to her enhancements.

She moved through the her age group and went onto the championships, no age limits and the only determining factor was the participant's skill. She flew past her opponents and got herself to the final round. News circled around the world about her this 12 year old was competing with adults who spend years training, unfortunately the enhancements never underwent proper testing due to time constraints and they did work well enough for James to think that they had got it right. The enhancements malfunctioned and her legs stopped working. Staff went over to her to make sure she was alright and they were shocked to see a short glow of blue then disappeared. Silva was disqualified from the tournament and banned from any tournaments due to the fact the cybernetics were permanent and she couldn’t do anything without them.

Both James and Silva were saddened by their daughter's unfortunate fate. The hunter that had saved her had come to visit her. Unforgettable white hair and had come to see her perform. The hunter named Snow had talked with her parents about what she would be able to do for the future path. He merely offered becoming a huntress as a possibility. They were infuriated at his choice of words, understandably so, suggesting that she go and fight creatures in the wilds. However Silva actually seemed to life the idea. At least after asking why she was banned from tournaments and these exact words were said.

“Enhancements can allow you to do more than a normal person can do. That advantage means an unfair advantage.” It was those words “more than a normal person” that resonated with her. How she was complimented as an abnormally skilled dancer. This made up her mind, she wanted to become a huntress. Her mother wanted to say no but her father just shrugged and saw a look of determination that knew nothing would stop her, so he just merely accepted it and gave her all the support in the form of five words. “She’s gonna need an upgrade.”

So she attended Signal, initially the other students laughed at her. How a ballet dancer could become a huntress, but she had set her mind to it. Just as she did before she put her heart and soul into it. She looked up and attended martial art classes. Also learning how to breakdance because it looked cool and it was a little unorthodox which she thought would help. She still kept up her ballet practices despite not being able to participate anymore. Not letting her mother down just because she couldn’t attend tournaments anymore. Through the guides of instructors she filtered out the ballet moves and was able to increase her fighting potential as she went through Signal. When she finished Beacon she applied to Beacon, hoping to get in because she did her best to try and get entry.

Her acceptance was a massive sigh of relief to both Silva and her parents. Her dad performing one last upgrade on her enhancements so she could fight better. He wanted to make sure that Silva would survive after all.

Personality: Silva is an introvert, she most times appear shy and reserved, mumbling her words and tending to look the slightest bit away from the person who she is talking to. It is very easy to make her laugh and easy to get her flustered, she puts her heart and soul into everything, making sure to never give anything less than 100%.

She’s the type to always forgive someone, even if they insult her time and time again, as long as they say sorry she won’t hold anything against them. At least for most things. Silva doesn’t take kindly to insults about ballet. It is still a passion of hers and something she greatly enjoys, despite not being able to do ballet in competitions anymore.

She is still a meek person, so she does tend to give into peer pressure quite a lot of times, this tends to give the look of youthful innocence which does make her seem extraordinarily weak, she doesn’t really like to be called weak and will usually wait until the chance to prove them wrong just to prove a point and for them to hopefully take back what they said.

Aura and Semblance: Friction Alteration
Silva has silver aura (what a surprise), and allows her to manipulate her own friction. She can freely manipulate it one way or the other and it works for her whole body or only a part of it. Manipulating her friction upwards can allow for her to have a stronger footing. Or she can lower it to make herself slide all over the place to make herself faster.

In combat this can be used to shrug off enemy attacks if the angle is right, or keep her stance with upping the friction between the floor and herself. Things with a flat surface like a sledgehammer, can’t really be mitigated unless the angle is practically perpendicular to herself. This works a lot better on bladed weapons since the blade can slide off easier from her, thus allowing for less damage. She can also squeeze out of tight spots if she brings down the friction enough.

Combat Behavior: Silva fights with acrobatics and agility in mind: sticking to a purely kick based style, her hands never touching her opponent as she uses them for stabilizing herself and to do more acrobatic movements. She’s the type to go in do a few hits and, depending on how well those few hits went, will either keep her assault going or back off for a new approach.

Going more indepth reveals a very complex style of fighting, testing the waters and adjusting how she kicks to give herself the upper hand. She tends to aim for areas of an opponent that will bring them off balance: Kicking their large weapon in a different direction, making them stay off balance with a constant barrage of light kicks with the occasional heavy kick. Or even aiming for the head to disorientate them by kicking the side of their heads.

Physically she is very weak, so she can’t really pick up people or really anything semi-heavy, her kicks are powerful so if she can’t do it with her hands then she can probably do it with her legs instead. If something does happen to her enhancements she will become dead weight because she is only able to walk and do anything with her legs because of them, ice is a particularly nasty counter to her since if her legs get stuck she becomes completely useless.


Name: Tempest

Primary Form: shin guards done in silver with rose gold engravings. A noticeable part missing at the upper back of Tempest which allows for her to bring her thigh against her calf. Tempest has small ports all over it which serve to release Dust for attacks and trickery. While ammunition can be used it is not normally in the boots. It is inserted through the side in a magazine and which fits 20 bullets. Alternately she can use pure dust and can have 40 in a magazine of the same size. Usually when activated it has smoke going through the imports, making the exact position of her legs unknown to give an advantage.

Dust Functions:
Boots - Through ports on the boots it uses dust in a unique way. Released in a mist which contains the effect of the dust or she can also use it in a more direct way which will bring about a stronger effect for a shorter amount of time. The engravings glow the respective dust colour when dust is in use.
-Fire - Releases a heated mist and can cause a small explosion when doing a direct hit against an enemy or object.
-Ice - Releases a chilling mist, causing enemies to feel a numb upon impact and create ice.
-Kinetic - Adds self-knockback to her kicks (or send her into the air) and helps her deflect attacks with her kicks.
-Lightning - Causes electricity when contact is made. Excellent for hitting enemy weapons to send shocks to without hitting them directly or adding more damage if she hits the enemy directly.
-Earth - Just allows more force when hitting enemies. Powerful with axe kicks and not so much with low power rapid kicks.
Bullets - Releases a launched projectile.
-Regular bullets

History: Tempest was the first choice for her weapon. making use of her augmentations that were meant to just restore her ability to use her legs.
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