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Ashelynne Campbell
« on: July 05, 2017, 12:02:25 AM »

Name: Ashelynne Campbell

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Sheep Faunus

Slumber: ShowHide

Occupation: First year Beacon student

Appearance: Ashelynne has chin length brown hair, usually with a candy shaped clip, and warm brown eyes. Atop her head are two similarly colored sheep's ears, hanging low and to the side slightly. Her facial expression usually remains deadpan and lazy and will change according to her emotions but her eyes almost always remain the same sleepy, a little bit closed. Somewhat of an embarrassing subject to her, Ashe is slightly chubby, her cheeks and belly easily pinchable.  She normally wears an incredibly soft blue sweater with a hood that is almost an inch thick to serve as an emergency pillow. Ashelynne also wears thick, white pajama pants, her fluffy brown tail sticking out the back, and black Mary Jane shoes. She almost always has her tool belt around her waist or nearby, filled with various tools such as chisels, screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, gloves, and other carpentry tools as well as a basic first aid kit. The belt also has two loops at the bottom to hold her weapon behind her thighs. Height wise, she is 5'2".
Appearance: ShowHide

History: Born in Mistral to a loving family, Ashelynne had a normal and warm childhood.From a tender age, she had a fascination with her father's work; carpentry. Always around the shop when he was building things or on site when he was working on a house, she patiently watched him work, usually falling asleep after a few minutes but dreaming of the same thing; building fantastic things. At times she would go into her father's work shop and tinker with his tools, building things such as birdhouses or shelves, an impressive feat for someone her age. Her mother's occupation, being a huntress, also fascinated her, falling asleep as a child to her stories of Grimm and fighting instead of the usual bedtime stories. When she slept, she dreamed of being a hunter, just like her mother, fighting Grimm alongside her and protecting the things she and her father built. Eventually, her want for the action she'd only dreamed about outweighed her want to build things and she aspired to take after her mother, attending Sanctum.
Throughout her years in Sanctum, she spent much of her time napping in class, even with the teacher yelling right at her. When it came to grades though, she was doing quite well, thus they had to allow her to sleep, whether they liked it or not. Even back then, she was as physical and affectionate as ever though. The only times when she was remotely awake was during walks between classes, training, eating, spending time with friends, and working on their weapons, maintenance on her tonfa having a similarly zen-like effect as carpentry did. After Sanctum, she moved to Ares Academy, one of the smaller and less intense hunter academies in Mistral, opting away from Haven academy as she didn't want to be 100% focused on being a huntress, wanting to do carpentry like her father as well.
Her time at Ares wasn't as pleasant as in Sanctum though. The first month of her first year there was fine. Happy, like the previous years. By the end of the month, she was friends with a big crowd, a lot of them being the more popular, rich, influential members of the school. On one afternoon, she was spending the end of the day with a 'friend'. Ashe slept on a bench, her head in his lap as he stroked her hair. As she woke up, she pulled him down to kiss him square in the lips. At the time, it was natural for her to do this to people, many of her friends having lost their first kiss to her. His girlfriend, Carry Eliot, didn't take too well to this though. The next week, Ashe found herself alone for the next two years. The girl was an influential student, a queen bee type of person. Rumors about Ashe spread, her belongings went 'missing' on a regular basis, and her 'friends' turned their backs. As the year went on, it became the norm to ignore her existence, even actively antagonizing her such as taking her desk, locking her in restrooms, stealing her home keys, and even dismantling her weapon. The real killer was during the middle of third year when out of the blue Ashe had her hand gripped in an iron vice. She found herself being yanked up the school's stairs and onto the roof by the boy that had started the whole debacle.
Carry Eliot's entourage was waiting, a dozen girls and half a dozen boys. As she asked what was going on, Ashe received a slap across the face and a knee to the gut. As she fell to the ground, two boys held her up by the hair on Carry's command. Crying, Ashe hung there as she was stripped naked, her clothes either cut by the girl's sword, cutting her in several places across her arms, chest, and legs, or simply being ripped off one by one and thrown over the edge. Eventually, she was let go to drop on the floor and mocked by her audience. Trying to cover herself up, two girls where commanded to run to her and spread her arms wide. Ashe's tear drops rolled down her cheeks as she had her head yanked by by the hair, exposing her face to the various cameras and scrolls that came up to document the event. Eventually getting tired of their game, Carry stood over Ashe's limp body and stepped on her chest, yelling at her to 'leave her alone'. As the group left, she stayed behind to grind her heel into Ashe before leaving and locking the door behind her. Huddling against the wall, Ashe stayed the cold night on the roof before a janitor opened it the next day. Running through the school, trying to cover as much of herself as possible, she ran home and never returned to Ares academy.
Wanting to get as far away as she could from her tormentors, Ashe and her family opted to move to Vale, far from any who might know her. True she would be delayed in her studies by two years wasted in Ares, but at least in Vale she had a clean slate.

Personality: ]Ashelynne's main personality trait is that she is sleepy. Almost always walking slowly and day dreaming, she lives to be unconcious, even falling asleep standing up at times simply because of the thought of sleep. This doesn't mean she is completely recluse and antisocial though. She enjoys company and others especially if she can nap in their presence, more so if she can nap on them. She easily gets close to people and doesn't understand the concept of a personal bubble too well. Either that or she doesn't care. When awake, Ashe has a fairly childish demeanor, being very touchy-feely and enjoying physical contact with little regard for personal space of others. She's not too used to romance though. Ashe is perfectly fine doing romantic or lovey-dovey things to people such as hugging and kissing. However, if someone were to do the something romantic/perverted to her, or if she even thought someone was doing that to her, she freaks out and gets protective of herself. Over time though, she gets used to it. If her affections suddenly drive someone that she grew to like away though, this sends her into a depressive state. Bullying has a similar effect on her, causing her to shrink and shy away wordlessly. Always dreaming, she speaks with a soft, sleepy voice. After a while at Beacon though, Ashe's personality has slowly gotten more and more chipper and perky. She has also gotten a new pet cat, Private Puffy Paws.

Aura and Semblance: In times of danger, Ashelynne's aura can flare out like an airbag in a ball around her, about 10 foot radius and appearing like fluffy, translucent light-yellow wool. The ball has the effect of dampening blunt force from an attack (e.g. a car, club, or large projectile) and slowing it down as if it were actually hitting wool and eventually stopping it if it continues. Bullets would be dampened but still travel, pushing into the cushiony mass of aura about 1 foot before stopping and falling through the aura ball to the floor.. The ball also has the effect of  protecting her from impacts when falling from heights, able to cushion her if almost as if nothing had happened she falls from heights where normal aura protection would leave a hunter/huntress hurt. Other than her, most objects are kept out of the ball other than people she deems as no threat, which can pass through perfectly fine. This means that if she's standing in a room full of objects, they will be pushed aside or if they are too large, heavy, or immobile, Ashe and/or her ball will.
The down side is that the ball is vulnerable to cutting strikes and heavy piercing blows. Like this, chunks of the ball can be cut out, leaving her more vulnerable, the ball dissipating if most of it were cut off (i.e. a foot radius left). Once dissipated, a few minutes to be able to reform it at a smaller size, only 2 feet on all sides, leaving her vulnerable to any weapon longer than 2 feet. Ashe needs to rest properly to be able to bring it back to a full 10 foot radius.  Another drawback is that it almost hinders her ability to fight. Though Ashe can "float" through her aura ball, moving through it as if she were swimming through water, it makes it difficult to move around. She can maneuver herself so that her feet are on the floor and most of her aura mass is behind her, allowing her some reach in front of her so that her weapon and arm can swing out of her ball but this means she has to be mindful of things behind her that can bump her cushion. This also means that she is less protected up front. If she wants to move her cushion while staying still, Ashe has to pull it with her arms. 

Combat Behavior: Ashelynne has notable strength, being able to break reinforced concrete with her weapon and not get tired swinging it around. She also has a perceptive eye when it comes to measurements, able to tell distances, trajectories, travel times and ricocheting of projectiles from simply watching, though it must be slow enough for her to actually see. This allows her to pull off complicated trick shots with her bazooka (when using dumb rockets that don't explode on impact) and  coupled with her faunus eyesight, makes a very good combination.
The main drawback of Ashe's weapon is that it is heavy. Though powerful, she cannot attack in quick succession like a normal tonfa would be able to, her attacks consisting of wide swings and a lot of upper body strength. This puts her at a disadvantage with more maneuverable opponents. Ashe also wears no armor, leaving her to rely on her aura and semblance for protection.
When fighting, Ashe prefers beating down larger and slower enemies, using her strength to match up with theirs and their slowness to make up for her lack of speedy combos. She works well in a team, serving as a "tank" to defend her comrades, sometimes throwing her semblance in their direction to protect them as well as providing suppressing fire with her bazooka.


Name: Pillow Fight

Primary Form: A 3 foot long tonfa, octagonal in shape an 6 inches in diameter, the grip having two triggers, one near the body for the bazooka function and one with a metal cover, to avoid accidental pressing, near the middle of the grip for the engine function. When holding the grip, the tonfa extends 6 inches in front of her hand and a foot and a half behind her elbow. It is made of metal and is very sturdy, able to take punishment without denting. About 8 inches from the grip is a foot long padded area for Ashe's shoulder when used as a bazooka and doubles as her 'emergency' pillow which she uses for naps.

Secondary Form: The front end of the tonfa opens up like a camera shutter, revealing it to be a bazooka, able to fire three magazines of six 6 inch rockets before the need to reload. The three magazines come out through three slots on the underside in the gap between the handle and the padding.
Tertiary Form: The rear end of the tonfa opens up like a camera shutter revealing an exhaust akin to a jet engine, aiding Ashelynne in her swings and allowing her to sit/stand atop the tonfa and ride it, the end scraping along the ground.

Dust Functions: As stated above.

History: Originally starting with a large hammer, Ashelynne eventually converted it into it's current form while she attended Sanctum. The hammer wasn't comfortable enough for her standards and annoyed her to no end when she needed something to rest her head on, going a little over board in the modifications.
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